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  • callmemini By  callmemini    

    The flavor of this syrup is divine. It's spicy sweetness works so well in coffee but also in hot tea and baking. This flavor can be a little hard to find locally, but if you shop online I recommend a site called They have an amazing selection and the shipping is cheap and fast. Here a link to their Torani syrups:

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  • rosepowell By  rosepowell     SheSpeaks Tester

    I've had the liberty of tasting several different flavors of Torani Syrups, I was able to locate this singular bottle of 375ml Cinnamon Vanilla Syrup at a Super Walmart. So I was excited to try a different flavor that I hadn't heard anyone discussing so I could give it an objective review. I'm very pleased to announce that I think this flavor is a smashing hit! It's got the sweet flavor of vanilla that we all love, but with that zing of cinnamon, it's a very balanced combination, because naturally I was worried that the cinnamon would be overpowering and I'm not a big fan of overpowering things with cinnamon. It's smooth, it's subtle and it really pierces your tastebuds with happy burstful notations of flavor that lasts throughout the entire cup of tea! Definitely a must try if you haven't! UmDELICIOUS!

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