Torani Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Syrup

Torani Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Syrup

              Rated #57 in Sauces Spices & Flavoring
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u need very little. its ok its not awsome just okay

I like to add this to my coffee for a little added bonus of greatness once in awhile.

Not at all impressed, no matter how little I put in it is always too sickening-syrupy sweet, and the flavor is over powered and diminished by the sickening sweet.

Oh my gosh...I never knew they had such a thing, but you can believe I am going right to the website and getting some of this...YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM

I love putting this flavor and it's sugar free version in my morning coffee. It makes it feel like such a treat! This flavor can be a little hard to find locally, but if you shop online I recommend a site called They have an amazing selection and the shipping is cheap and fast. Here a link to their Torani syrups:

Mmmmmmm. Takes my standard K-cup of Sumatra to a whole new place! I have to restrict myself to once per day (the perfect thing to combat my 3 o'clock slump without having to eat anything, just a dollop in the coffee works fine for me) - also, I love the design of the bottle and label.