Top Fashion Trends for Spring 2012

   By socialzigi  Feb 15, 2012

Out with the "cold" and in with vibrant colors! It's Fashion week in New York and  the verdict is in - sorbets, color blocking, and floral prints are the thing to wear this spring. There is also a refreshing return to femininity and glamour.

Here are some trends to look for as you plan your spring wardrobe:

Mullet Skits - Skirts that are short in the front, long in the back.



 Illusion Dresses - Loving this trend! Bye bye ill-fitting bandage dresses. Hello the miracle dress that highlights a true woman's curves!



Military Jackets - I loved when the boyfriend style and military-inspired gear came back...the trend I think never really goes out of style. The interesting twist on the trend this season is mixing it up with sophisticated tailoring and button/zipper accents, adding a feminine touch.



Flower Power - The floral fantasy trend continues with low-key silhouettes.




1920's - Vintage prints and the elegance of the roaring 20's are back. All I have to say is "très chic!"



Bright Handbags - Say hello to spring with colorful, vivid handbags.



Booties - Pair a buttery brown bootie with skinny jeans and strut your stuff.



 The top two colors to wear for Spring 2012 season are definitely bright orange and mint green! I personally love both! A great way to bring this into any outfit is with your nails - Essie nail polish - "navigate her" and "orange, its obvious" are a must have!!



My #1 tip going into the spring season, is pick one trend and build from there. It could be a color or a print, start with that one element, and then work it into your wardrobe.

What trends are you looking forward to this season? Or better yet, what trends are you happy to say goodbye to?

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waltenja by waltenja | LEBANON, OR
Mar 03, 2012

LOVE the dresses, have seen MANY in magazines-- Need to go shopping!

karene10 by karene10 | GLENSIDE, PA
Mar 01, 2012

I love the bag,the booties and that new Essie "navigate her" color!

jygriebel by jygriebel | Marble, PA
Feb 28, 2012

I love the handbag and all the bright colors!

megerton by megerton | Baltimore, MD
Feb 21, 2012

Haha, Love the mullet skirt, classy name :)

Meredith38 by Meredith38 | ROCKWALL, TX
Feb 16, 2012

Love the illusion dresses!!!

jtrexler by jtrexler | Pasadena, MD
Feb 16, 2012

So excited for bright colors. How could you not smile everytime you look at that yellow purse?

Luluds17 by Luluds17 | YARDLEY, PA
Feb 16, 2012

Floral prints and bright colored purses!

Hiiyooitscat by Hiiyooitscat | LOS ANGELES, CA
Feb 16, 2012

I love all of those trends! But i really like floral prints! Cant wait for them. =)

kaikatsukitty by kaikatsukitty | Hayward, CA
Feb 15, 2012

Love all...

jaylizi by jaylizi | FULTON, MD
Feb 15, 2012

I'm excited for orange as a wedding color!

Azigel by Azigel | ALBERTSON, NY
Feb 15, 2012

I dunno how i feel about the mullet skirt but she looks good in it...hmm

artsylife by artsylife | FOREST HILLS, NY
Feb 15, 2012

i will be saying hello with that handbag!

emimorgan by emimorgan | Pittsford, NY
Feb 15, 2012

I love a good military jacket! Hooray!