Too Faced Better Than False Lashes

Too Faced Better Than False Lashes

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Enjoyed Not sure why bad reviews the mascara is great. The other part that is the fibers also seems to give a longer lash look. Just be careful not to get the fibers in your eyes if you wear contacts because they get stuck and start to burn.

enjoyable. i use this mascara when i want mascara on, but not a very heavy noticeable mascara on. very impressed with the lightness of it.

would not recommend I believe the original formula was different. The one I bought recently was terrible. It was clumpy, irritating to the eyes to the point they would water and feel heavy and dry.

Really really wanted to love this, but I couldn't. this is the first Too Faced product that I did not care for. It really didn't do anything for my lashed other than make them sort of clumpy. Nobody should have clumpy eyelashes.

I thought I would love this product because I've always wanted to try the fiber mascara that is supposed to build your eyelashes to give them a longer, fuller look, but this was not the product. I've tried multiple different ways of applying it and each type my lashes just come out looking gloopy and unappealing. The mascara by itself is fine, but the fibers rather than making your lashes longer, stick out in odd ways of your lashes and then the mascara gets caught on each fiber giving it a messy look.

So I would love to try this item because my daughter got the "better than Sex" Masscara and it was fantasic. After using it I went straight to the Ulta Store and purchased some. Now the whole family has it. I would love to try the newest one if it works anything like the old One.

This product was a fail. The look was awful and I had a hard time getting it off. I've spoken to two other friends and they also did not like this product. What a shame especially for the price.

I love it. It made my eyelashes look like I was wearing false ones. They looked so long.

I really wanted this to work because I love Too Faced products, but it was a fail for me. Once the tiny fibers get pushed into the mascara, the look is terrible. It's as if my lashes are sprouting in every direction. Too bad, the concept is good but it didn't work well beyond h first couple of uses. You are better off with buying a separate primer.

So the pckg was pretty which made me excited. Product comes with two tubes. One is the primer and the sealer (steps one and three) the other is the nylon finer brush that builds your lashes. First try I loved it but as the product dried I got the tarantula look! Had a friend try it out and same deal. Not a huge fan especially after the price paid.