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  • Heidi23 By  Heidi23    

    All natural

    Does take a while to get used to after brushing with fluoride all your life but definitely worth it. Yes the taste and texture will be weird, but overall it's one of the best toothpastes. It's all natural and leaves your breath fresh all day.

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  • serenab05 By  serenab05    

    A natural refreshed feeling

    This is my toothpaste of preference. I enjoy natural products and find a lot of the other products out there tend to have a synthetic flavor or un-natural textures - leaving me questioning what is in the product that could potentially be harmful. I prefer natural products and this product gets the job done and leaves you feeling naturally refreshed after each brush.

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  • twlight00 By  twlight00    

    Love Toms!

    I have had a lot of dental work done which has been expensive. I have found that Toms works best for me, and has the best natural ingredients that help my teeth and mouth feel much better.

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  • LizRob6 By  LizRob6    

    Only Tom's For Me

    I use Tom's of Maine because I suffer from cold sores and since I started using Tom's I no longer get them. Many products claim to be natural but this product proves it. The Wicked Fresh variety is very good, my mouth feels clean and fresh and it tastes good.

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  • ktang002 By  ktang002    

    For natural toothpastes go to Toms! They still use fluoride which is good for teeth minus the natural scare. I understand peoples need to not have it but I want it, combined with all natural products. Toms has it. You mouth...were not toddlers anymore. It is best we are careful what we put in it. Toothpaste being major. Toms cleans me up. Its good priced. Its everywhere to buy. And it makes my breath fresh! I love it.

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  • neonsnow By  neonsnow    

    I love this toothpaste. I love that it's all natural, I feel better using a toothpaste with natural ingredients but this one is also very effective in cleaning your teeth and freshening breath too. You really can tell the difference when you use a natural toothpaste and one made with chemicals, because the chemical taste is left behind even after you rinse, with Tom's of Maine's Wicked Fresh Toothpaste, all you taste afterwards is a strong, all-natural peppermint flavor.

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  • okiegirl03 By  okiegirl03    

    I received a sample of Tom's of Maine Wicked Fresh toothpaste and I loved the cool fresh feeling it left my mouth. For hours I felt my mouth was so clean and fresh. I shared the sample with my kids and they even raved about how it made their mouths feel.

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  • carley222433 By  carley222433    

    I got a free sample in the mail to try and my kids and I absolutely love it! It has the best taste, that will get kids to use it, which is a great plus. It will leave your mouth feeling clean and your breath so very fresh. it is made will natural ingredient's giving me peace of mine, but it does cost most, would I buy it yes I would

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  • kayvigh_36 By  kayvigh_36    

    I am sure this toothpaste is good for an all-natural toothpaste, however after going from crest to the Tom's All Natural (while visiting my inlaws) the toothpaste did not make my mouth feel fresh like I feel a toothpaste should. I could hardly stand the taste and I will make it a point to bring my own toothpaste to my inlaws from now on to avoid having to use this!

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  • casinoqueen555 By  casinoqueen555    

    very good toothpaste all natural

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  • simplegirl37 By  simplegirl37    

    I wish I waited for my free sample before i went and bought this. The taste is gross and the texture really got to me. Very pricey for disgusting toothpaste. After i brushed with this stuff i had to brush again with my regular toothpaste.

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  • KREW12 By  KREW12    

    I love the Toms brand and this has to be my favorite toothpaste of all time. I love the freshness it leaves on your breath and the slick clean feeling on your teeth!

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  • Kabris By  Kabris    

    I honestly did not like the flavor this toothpaste has, it does not have a strong minty taste, it doesn't taste like anything at all, i brushed my teeth with tom's and it was as if i had not brushed my teeth, i did not feel that cool minty scent in my mouth, tom's is very light, it was not for me.

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  • begemot By  begemot    

    I tried the strawberry variety of Tom?s of Maine and its taste is really pleasant, but it irritates my gums. Probably because it contains sodium lauryl sulfate shown to produce eye or skin irritation in experimental animals and in some humans.

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  • divadurga By  divadurga    

    This is by far my number one toothpaste! I had recently received a sample of this in the mail and now I am hooked on it's "wicked freshness"! It's minty freshness is long lasting and powerful and leaves your mouth feeling refreshed and clean. It's not clumpy or grainy like most of the other toothpaste brands out there. The paste does not stick to your teeth or gums but nicely dissolves with water to give you an even "brush" cleaning. It does not stick or build up on your tooth brush either. I like the old fashioned- old school non- plastic tube it comes in too. I would consider this a high end product at a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend this product to all of my friends, coworkers and family. And Tom's of Maine takes pride in not testing their products on animals! That's just one of many added extra bonuses of their products Another one is natural ingredients. This is definitely my go to toothpaste!

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