Tom's of Maine Long-Lasting Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Tom's of Maine Long-Lasting Aluminum-Free Deodorant

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Good This is by far one of my favorite aluminum free deodorants I have found. Yes is smells good, yes it lets you sweat, yes it doesn't clog the pours in you arm pit. Would not recommend for hotter weather or if you sweat a lot.

It's not my favorite I was really wanting to love this deodorant, but sadly I am not impressed. Goes on nice, smells nice, but does not keep me dry or sweat free.

Awesome Great smell. Lasted all day. Didn't really prevent sweat but I don't sweat much so it wasn't a problem. Though i will say, if you eat meat, this deodorant is NOT for you. The smell will not last and you will sweat. This is more of a plant based people deodorant. No disrespect to my meat eaters. I love y'all but just tryna look out before you spend your money on something that wont work for you

I have an allergy to aluminum so I thought this product would really well for me. Although this product didn't cause an allergic reaction for me it didn't really last as long as I would have liked it to.

Nice smell but it didn?t last. After deciding to go aluminum free Toms was one of the first brands I tried. I loved the scent but it was not long-standing and by the end of the day it was like I had never but deodorant on.

Not effective at sweat prevention. Natural and free of many of the nasty things found in many other similar products. Smells great when applied, but doesn't seem to last long. I sweat heavily throughout the year, hence it might not apply to everyone, but this product didn't provide any wetness protection for me.

effective this helps keep you dry all day long without having to reapply and I like that you can smell the scent threwout the day

I love the lavender. Before I tried the apricot however it felt really harsh on my skin.

Ineffective The scent was nice but i could not get past my armpits being sticky all day. It just felt ineffective. Ive tried a couple of other all natural types and this one was the better of them but still just not for me.

Fruity Freshness ! First and foremost, this deodorant carries the scent of Sun-Warmed Apricots. It smells super fresh and fragrant, but isnt overwhelmingly sweet. It does however take a little time for your underarm skin to get used to this type of deoderant- you just got to give it a chance! If you're switching from a deodorant that contained aluminum (for those of you who don't already know); there will probably be a small adjustment period where you may feel as though your armpits are wet all day, but your skin will adjust quickly! Not only do your underarms go back to normal, they'll stay dry all day, and it'll also somewhat exfoliate the skin when the product dries up, leaving your underarms feeling fresh, smooth, and rejuvenated! It's worth the buy!

Not for Outside Hot Days I used this deoderant as my first natural kind, and I did not like it. I ended up not even finishing it and bought a differet brand which I really love. Toms felt sticky and wet to me. After a while - living in Florida - you could tell I needed to reapply. It's fine for around the house, but if you're doing anything outdoors for a long period of time...I'd choose a different brand.

This brand smells nice and does not leave residue or cause irritation.

Didn't work for me I was very hopeful that this would work well for me, but that wasn't the case. I love the smell of the tea tree oil in this, but it did not keep me feeling fresh for longer that a couple hours. I'm sure this is a great alternative for some people, just not me.

Not bad but I?ll have to keep looking I really wanted to like this product because normally I really like Tom's . The fact that it's an aluminum free deodorant is a huge plus but unfortunately for me, the baking soda caused me to break out in a rash. So I can no longer use it. However, it's a relatively affordable price for a more natural option and it seems to do its job in masking bad odors .

Awesome! I really like this deodorant. It keeps you smelling lovely and it has good ingredients!