Tom's of Maine Children's Natural Toothpaste Fluoride Orange Mango

Tom's of Maine Children's Natural Toothpaste Fluoride Orange Mango

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Tom?s for president! I love the tom's brand/line. I am very critical on the products i purchase for my children. This does the job and has a great flavor... as well as the other flavors. We have tried them all!

My child loves this,toothpaste. I like that it has natural ingredients and not harmful to my child.

My Kids Love This Toothpaste! My kids LOVE this toothpaste! It's all I buy for them. I like the fact that it's natural and healthy. My husband likes the fact that it doesn't taste like candy, as many other toothpaste brands do (isn't that a bit conterintuitive for kids?). It's a great way to start kids on a healthy tooth brushing habit. :)

Tried a couple of Tom's products but it doesn't get that clean mouth feel.

very good stuff

flavor is good. love all tom's products. kids like it.

My kids love Toms of Maine and that is their new toothpaste from now on. Not to mention its natural. Not too expensive either.

I got a sample of strawberry, it was great but not easy to find to buy. I would like to try this one

This is our favorite kids product ever! Both my sons have allergies, and this is dye and artificial flavor free, but still tastes good and is fun for them

I received a sample of this a few months back and now i have def switched from the othe brand we were using.

While I love the organic nature of this toothpaste, I have found that my daughter's teeth have had yellow discoloration since using this toothpaste over the course of 6 months. I had originally thought it was a poor cleaning job on her part but after watching and aiding her with her brushing, I now believe that there is something lacking in the toothpaste.

I'm not a big purponent of the flouride for young children movement but I do agree it's somewhat necessary. I like the fact that with Tom's I can trust that it's the safestest amount of flouride and all other ingrediants are as well. Plus,they only make vegan products which means they're ethically up our ally!!

We got a sample of Tom's strawberry in the mail and my girls LOVED it, so we decided to purchase a full sized one, then another, and now we have the orange mango and they also love it but their favorite is the strawberry, so we'll be going back to that... well, they are, I don't know if I will haha.

This toothpaste is great. My son has a sensitivity to dyes, so this is one of the few choices we have for him...but we love it and all three of my boys use it now. Reasonable price for a great product

We love this toothpaste. We started with Tom's kids' strawberry flavor but my daughter likes this one even more. I like it, too, but am so conditioned to want minty freshness that I haven't made the switch. I love that it's natural and has the fluoride that my 4 year old needs. I wish it was available at the CVS, Duane Reade and Walgreens but am assuming that they'll increase their natural product offereings in the coming years.