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Toms Shoes

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ok I use to love toms. But lately the shoes have been hurting my feet ended up giving them away.

Looking Comfy These shoes look very comfortable and light weight. i need to check them out

I recommend The shoes are very light, can be colourful and very girlly I totally love love them. I recommend it.

These shoes are lightweight making them breathable. You hardly feel like you have shoes on at all. My biggest con is that half sizes in their larger shoes are not existent.

TOMS espadrilles soft for summer Very soft I have problem with my feet so I recommend it so much I wear it all day I can walk all the time I want with no foot pain it feels confident

I love my tom shoes, plus toms come in many different colors and designs in them. I have a cat pair that is probably my favorite!!

Get you some! Great shoe to dress up or down when you need something less casual than a sneaker. Comfortable and for a cause!

They are very comfy, worth the price! I can wear them for over 8 hours and not be bothered.

In love every time I wear it Comfy, great, never get tired of wearing it. Best shoes I've gotten

Comfortable Tom's manufacturing in China puts a damper on a large part of what they promote.

Not for high arches Fabric is folded in weird spots that rub against your foot. Not for people with a high arch

cheaply made and don't fit I've received a couple of pairs of canvas slip on Tom's Shoes as a gift. They were way too narrow for me and you could see where the shoe is glued to the soles. The only reason I give two stars is because of the charity work they do. Otherwise,the shoes are awful.

Confused?! When I first got my Toms I was I love. They were super comfy and I could handle work on my feet. Unfortunately then a few things happened; they wore down within a few months, the threads starting coming out and they aren't washable. I was bummed since they are not cheap and have not saved up to get another pair yet, even though they are so super cute. Now I learn they are made in China?! Totally confused how it has to do with helping children in other countries with a pair of shoes. The brand has me questioning them completely.

These are very cute and comfortable shoes however they do not last very long. They ware down quite quickly.

I love my Toms shoes. My job requires me to stand all day but still wear professional clothing. These are a much more comfortable option to just flats because I obviously can't wear sneakers with my dress pants. I have them in basic colors so I can match them with every outfit. The arch support is a great change from other shoes.