Tommee Tippee Explora 9oz Drink Cups

Tommee Tippee Explora 9oz Drink Cups

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Parents choice insulated cup 360 Are you fed up cleaning up spills from cups that claims to be spill proof ? Parents choice insulated 360 cup is amazing and no more cleaning up .

Not worth it. I really didn't like these cups. I had a hard time getting the spill proof seal to go on properly, I also used them before the recall and experienced a mold issue. I also think they leak and aren't worth the money. I wouldn't purchase them again.

Love Tommee Tippee! They are the only bottles we use for our daughter. These are definitely leak proof and easy to use!

Great cups, don't leak and are easy to clean. My baby loves them

Recently discovered the brand and I love it. I have bottles for my baby and these cups for my toddler. So cute and durable and easy to use and clean. They are well made, don't leak and are made with fun designs

me and my husband are tommee tippee people with our first daughter we bought at least 5 boxes of the 3 pk bottles and extra nipples and now that she is getting bigger we got the training spoons. i love tommee tippee merchandise we will deff be using these products for all the future babies

I've been using tommee tippee since my daughter was born, since it was the only bottle she accepted. This bottle just like the rest of tommee tippee products is great!!!

I'm honestly not so excited about leak-free cups, including these ones. Yes, they are high-quality and no, they don't leak... but how is that teaching my child to learn to drink out of a cup sooner? It may be more convenient for moms, but it just draws out the process of learning to drink out of a glass. I would rather clean up a few spills than have to buy my children special cups. Plus, some doctors have said that it actually isn't good for children to constantly need to suck to get their drinks out - which is exactly what you have to do to get liquid out of any "spill-proof" container. At the most, the only thing I give my son anymore is a cup with a straw and a lid, at least that way he isn't having to suck hard to get the liquid out. Try drinking out of one of these, you'd be surprised how much force it requires just to get a good drink!

Truly leak free and a great introduction to drinking out of cups! My one year old loves hers!

i have used these cups with my two kids and wouldn't change it for any other brand! Works great!

my baby started using this when he was 5 months because i didnt want him to get the bottle its bad for their teeth thats what the dentist says

Great but expensive.

The ONLY brand of sippy cup that we found that was actually spill proof. Great for diaper bags because they don't leak. Made my daughter feel like she was drinking from a big girl cup. Easy to clean and assemble. Helps transition to a real cup. Artwork is cute but not over the top babyish. They hold up very well, built to last!

I've used Tommee Tippee products since my son was bottle-fed and I am consistency happy with the quality. These sippy cups, much like the other Tommee Tippee products I've purchased, are incredibly well made, and super easy for my son to use. They also feature cute and original artwork, and my son loves them. I would, and have, reccommend these sippy cups, as well as many other products from this manufacturer!