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  • joesgirl96 By  joesgirl96    

    tastes good

    My family loves eating pizza and Tombstone is affordable. Very quick and easy to make and tastes good. They aren't good for feeding a lot of people, you would need to cook multiple pizzas to feed everyone. They are great for lunch or dinner.

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  • Sagittarius1982 By  Sagittarius1982    

    For convenience and the price, it's not a bad pizza. I do however add cheese.

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  • karamcelroy By  karamcelroy    

    One of our favorite frozen pizzas. The pepperoni has extra little pieces of pepperoni throughout for even more flavor. Crispy crust and all around great for a quick cheap dinner.

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  • kjhwriter By  kjhwriter    

    Tombstone is my second favorite frozen pizza brand (the first being Jacks). My favorite is their supreme pizza.

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  • barbiesbubbles By  barbiesbubbles    

    Cheap and simple. Great for adding onto.

    It's just a basic frozen pizza. Usually it's pretty inexpensive, but it lacks toppings and sauce you would hope for. Kids love it, and if you add just a 1/2 cup of cheese's improved by 99%!

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  • megtheotter By  megtheotter    

    A Staple!

    Seriously a staple item. It has one of best tastes for a frozen pizza. I'll of the ones I have tried have been completely worth the money. I really enjoy the pepperoni because it isn't too spicy. It also has a nice crust on it.

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  • JasmineD93 By  JasmineD93    

    I love these pizzas! They are great for the price and a quick dinner fix!

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  • Braunkatie By  Braunkatie    

    Cheap and tastes good. I with the crust was a little thicker though.

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  • Michelle1215 By  Michelle1215    

    Everyone enjoys pizza right?? i recently tried this one. For a frozen pizza is not that bad. It has great prices and lots of variety. I do believe the taste could be better but its not bad at all.

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  • SmilingSunshine By  SmilingSunshine    

    For a frozen pizza at it's price point Tombstone was pretty good. The crust was soft and warm even for a frozen pizza and did not get hard after sitting out of the oven for a while. I have started purchasing Tombstone when I don't feel like delivery and my family has been happy.

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  • Tsjones1996 By  Tsjones1996    

    Great pizza for the price. My household loves it. Nice quick and easy meal on busy days.

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  • annieslove1970 By  annieslove1970    

    Tombstone pizza is very good and the cheese melts and is gooey and has good fixins in it that are delicious. It's a great pizza at a good price .

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  • RainRainbows By  RainRainbows    

    We like to buy frozen pizza at least every two weeks. It's something that the kids like and it's easy to prepare. Tombstone is affordable and we think for what you get it's worth the money.

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  • SweetPea83 By  SweetPea83    

    Tombstone is a great frozen pizza compared to a lot of others. I like the unique taste it has. It's not cheap tasting and has it's own good taste. They don't skimp on pepperoni because they even dice it on there as well. I thought I remembered the sauce a little more sweet tasting but last time I had this it was salt city. Still overall good!

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  • awperez By  awperez    

    The price is awesome but I think there could be a little more toppings.

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