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  • nhperry By  nhperry    

    Surprisingly Great

    I was surprised by how much I liked this product. No, it does not taste exactly like cream cheese, but the texture is pretty much the same and it almost tastes creamy, despite being vegan. I like putting this on some bread or a bagel, it's great for breakfast or lunch. It does have a hint of tofu taste to it, so you do have to like the taste of tofu. Personally, it didn't bother me. I will definitely be buying this product again.

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  • VeganKathy By  VeganKathy    

    Vegan Mac and Cheese

    You can use this in almost anything... I love to mix in with vegan mac and cheese dishes.

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  • meganam By  meganam    

    Since I'm not supposed to eat dairy due to a minor allergy, I buy this whenever I have a craving for sour cream on my tacos or burritos. The consistency is on par and the taste is what you would expect for a non dairy sour cream.

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  • Moodysammy By  Moodysammy    

    I have stomach issues and am trying to watch what I eat, I bought this item and I loved it but somewhat $$$

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  • darkfairy530 By  darkfairy530    

    I recently became lactose intolerant and i love cream cheese. So i did a research and found this to be an excelent choice for my cream cheese adiction.

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  • drspaceman By  drspaceman    

    When I first bought this, I didn't think it would taste like regular cream cheese but, to my surprise it tasted even better. Almost like what real cream cheese should taste like - doesn't really make sense right? Well, that's how wonderful the flavor was. This has been my go to cream cheese for years now .

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  • ValCarPas By  ValCarPas    

    I was hesitant about trying this, but I was more so SHOCKED about how much it tastes like real cream cheese. I wish Dunkin Donuts would consider having this cream cheese as an option for vegans or people who are looking for a healthier cream cheese. PERFECT!

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