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  • VeganKathy By  VeganKathy    

    Follow th Directions!

    I Love this product! Make sure to follow the directions! For many years I did not bother to follow the cooking directions? and just winged it... When I finally decided to follow the directions I ended up with a product so good pre vegans liked it :)

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  • sunnyvegan By  sunnyvegan    

    The whole family loves the Tofurky roast so much that now we just make 2! Leftovers also make great tofurky sandwiches.

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  • gghosh50 By  gghosh50    

    I love this Tofurky! I've been having this for Thanksgiving for years. The best we can find!

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  • solariana By  solariana    

    very good product, price not so good but tofurky does not dissapoint.

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  • Halcute By  Halcute    

    I actually loved this tofurky roast. I had it during the holidays (Thanksgiving & Christmas). My hard core meat father said he like it also! It obviously does not taste like real meat but as vegan food it tastes interesting (and good). I just ate it with the other holiday food on the table. I am definitely looking forward to eating it in upcoming holidays.However it takes some effort to prepare so people should read the directions ahead of time!

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  • ValCarPas By  ValCarPas    

    I always wanted to try Tofurky and I finally did! I was very impressed with it. Everyone has to remember though that vegan food should not be consumed with the intent that it is going to taste exactly like real meat. If you get that out of your head, you would enjoy vegan food for what it is. I topped on the Tofurky with some vegan gravy and made a turkey sandwich out of it... IT WAS AMAZING and filled me right up!

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