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  • Rhunter41 By  Rhunter41    

    I bought this several years ago. I lived them at first and even with proper care they do not stay non stick very long. Disappointed

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  • mimi8989 By  mimi8989    

    I received this pan a few years ago, loved it but things are starting to stick now. I would buy another one but if I have to keep replacing it every few years I might as well get one that last longer.

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  • coffeelover992 By  coffeelover992    

    I love this pan set. Easy to clean and not too expensive. Only thing I didn't like is they don't come with lids.

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  • mamaroach By  mamaroach    

    I needed a new pan set and tried one of these. I have since bought an entire set! These are fabulous pots n pans!! The food does not stick and cooks evenly. My children will all get a set of these as house warming gifts!!

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  • mom21boy By  mom21boy    

    I also received this pan from I love it. My food always cooks evenly and clean up is always easy. I would definitely recommend this product.

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  • lab3726 By  lab3726    

    I received this pan from House for hosting a party. It is my all time favorite non stick pan. I would highly recommend it. It cooks evenly, distributes heat well, and offers easy clean-up.

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