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  • Hgmbtrflys By  Hgmbtrflys    

    No words 🥰 except for these.

    Oh my goodness. You will smile, your heart will break, you WILL ugly cry. This book is inspiring and endearing. If you are religious on any level you will most likely enjoy it. The amount of hope it inspires is astounding. I read it in about 2 days because I was already so invested in this little guy and his family (I have little ones so that happens easily). I couldn't put it down and when I finally reached the end I felt like I wanted to visit them to learn more. I recommended this to everyone I know.

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  • jannL7 By  jannL7    

    I read this book a few years back. It's an interesting story but it left me with so many questions and a lot of skepticism. I don't recommend this book unless you have a very strong belief on the subject of heaven or are curious to read about a child's experience.

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  • ashdingus By  ashdingus    

    Everyone needs to read this book! its for everyone young, old, men, and women. It made me so thankful for all the blessing in my life.

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  • mjsmartie2 By  mjsmartie2    

    LOVED IT- this is one of those books that WILL change your life about LIFE here on Earth and what is awaiting you in Heaven. This book is based on Todd's son Colton's experience when he went to Heaven after his Appendix ruptured and he nearly died in surgery- What he spoke of No 3 Year old would know, much less understand at his age about Heaven. Excellent Read!

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