To Tip or Not To Tip?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Jul 27, 2012

As many of us prepare our summer travel budgets, one thing that often gets left off the calculations is tipping. Whether it be a cab to the airport or coffee house drinks you grab on the road, there are expectations for tipping in many more situations than we usually think of and a dollar here, there, and everywhere can add up while you’re traveling.

Though a visible tip jar is a good indication of a worker that expects a little extra for good service, there are many situations that make travelers question whether or not they should provide a tip. A recent USA Today online survey indicates that only a third of travelers usually tip the driver of the airport car rental shuttle while many others probably don’t even know it is expected of them.

The same survey generated a lot of comments from travelers voicing concerns that tipping has just gotten out of hand with everyone expecting your dollar (or 2 or 5) from hotel housekeepers to bellmen and doormen. If you are on a tight vacation budget how are you supposed to navigate the world of tipping without breaking the bank?

Have you ever felt confused as to whether or not a tip was expected while traveling?

How do you decide who gets what while staying within your budget?


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ladyrider4 by ladyrider4 | EVANSVILLE, IN
Jul 30, 2012

I always tip but how much does depend on the service I get......

nunyabiznis7 by nunyabiznis7 | Bonaire, GA
Jul 30, 2012

I tip everyone I feel deserves it. That's how most people tis. If some gives me crummy service or never smiles-no tip.

jessica1627 by jessica1627 | n highlands, CA
Jul 29, 2012

I usually only tip for certain things like at a restaurant or if I get my nails or hair done. Even then I will only tip if I feel that the service provided to me was worth it. I will not tip you if you never refill my drink or take a long time to bring me my check no matter how nice you may be. I am a residential home cleaner and I go into my clients homes and work my butt off and I NEVER expect a tip. I am there to do my job which I am already paid for and if somebody would like to tip me then thats great but I would never feel like it was owed to me. The way that you do the job will lead to you getting tips or not. That is my view on it at least

msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Jul 29, 2012

I don't feel the need to tip for every little thing. IT's THEIR JOB! Now, I know many place pay minimum wage for hard jobs so I do try to tip those services. But if someone in a coffee house makes me a cup of coffee, I don't tip. They make the cup of coffee and that's it. They don't have to bring it to me or clean up after me so nothing extra for that.

gunner12345 by gunner12345 | conneaut, OH
Jul 29, 2012

I used to work having tips be a big part of my income, so I always tip. If they are good they get more if they are bad they will still get a tip but it's a tip that will make them wonder why it's so little so maybie they will stop and think about how they are acting.

Britnev by Britnev | Clearwater, FL
Jul 29, 2012

I think it has gotten completely out of control with everyone who provides any type of service, no matter how small, now expecting a tip. And they don't just expect a tip, they want a big tip. Don't get me wrong, if our service is good then we tip however there are certain services that we refuse to tip such as the newpaper carrier or the doorman. We only recently started tipping for take out orders that we pick up. We never did before as it really did not seem like we were getting any service. Now however we are made to feel that we should tip and we usually do leave something. When we do tip the regular services such as restaurants we always leave 20% if the service was good to excellant.

bound4aruba by bound4aruba | Hershey, PA
Jul 28, 2012

With the economy as tight as it is there is more of an expectation. when i am required to travel for business i do tip the housekeeping person, mainly because i have very particular room tastes that i expect them to follow. If i go to a sit down restaurant then i give acording to service and the service i see others getting/giving. however if i go to a coffee house and for take out i am not giving a tip.

royalegacy by royalegacy | Landers, CA
Jul 28, 2012

We do make it a personal policy that we will only tip when the service is good--there is no such thing as an automatic tip. Poor service--no tip.

sherrybaby by sherrybaby | wilmington, DE
Jul 27, 2012

I never know if I should tip housekeeping at a hotel. Years ago, it seemed standard but, since I started business travel, you don't typically leave a tip so, I'm confused!