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  • sassyladyLS By  sassyladyLS    

    long but good

    I liked the story behind this movie, i liked the fact that it moved me and made me want to know more even after the movie was over I still had questions.

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  • Vtwarogowski By  Vtwarogowski    

    Beautiful movie. It's rather long but worth sitting through

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  • Stephyycakess24 By  Stephyycakess24    

    this movie will make anyone cry, it has one of the saddest endings ever. there is no happy ending in this movie because jack dies :'(

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  • KayyElleSee12 By  KayyElleSee12    

    Classic movie. I can watch this over and over and never get tired of seeing it. It is a great story to watch, but make sure to grab some tissue because it is a tear jerker.

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  • maryjane5908 By  maryjane5908    


    Love this movie. Oldie but goodie was my favorite growing up still my favorite

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  • India75 By  India75    

    Excellent true story I can watch many time and still crying

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  • rebeccarmiller2010 By  rebeccarmiller2010    

    So Romantic.

    One of the best romantic love stories! I can relate to the two of them and the kind of loving relationship they have! Its spontaneous and beautiful! One of my favorites!

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  • alyssasue86 By  alyssasue86    

    This will always be one of my favorites. Not really historically accurate but can't but fall in love with the cast and storyline. Saw this is theaters about 5 times when it first came out, I was in middle school and obsessed with Titanic everything! To this day it's the movie I pop in when I need a good cry!

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  • edenben17 By  edenben17    

    this movie is a classic. i cry every time. its so sad and the actors were amazing with how they portrayed their characters

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  • justme1358 By  justme1358    

    I watched this several years ago. Still a favorite as a remake of the original. Jack still loses the fight

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  • mzcheetah By  mzcheetah    

    This movie is definitely a keeper. I bought it just so I can watch it anytime I want to. However, nothing compares to seeing it on the big screen as I clearly remember when it first came out. Historical account movies are always favorites for me, even when there is a fictional element to it as well. This movie did a great job of capturing most accurately the historical accounts while weaving in a touching love story that stays with you for days afterward.

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  • KeraLee123 By  KeraLee123    

    Every time I watch this movie I end up stuck in bed for the rest of the day. To think this actually happened to people, the titanic tore families apart and so many people died. It breaks my heart and no one could have done a better job portraying this than Leonardo and Kate winslet.

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  • Alexandra_Aranas By  Alexandra_Aranas    

    This movie is so great an such a tear jerker. It's a great story to watch happen before your eyes.

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  • Bagel2332 By  Bagel2332    

    Great movie that was done really well. May not be historically accurate but still worth watching

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  • CamiR4 By  CamiR4    

    A very romantic movie with lots of history. Very good acting and showing of how the world worked for the time era.

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