Tips to Lower Stress and Increase Motivation: A Facebook Live Discussion

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 06.05.20
Tips to Lower Stress and Increase Motivation: A Facebook Live Discussion
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In one of our recent community surveys, the majority of SheSpeaks members said they want to improve their lives, but they are lacking in motivation to do so. Mindset and Transformation coach Melissa Wolak joined us on Facebook to offer you valuable tips on lowering your stress and increasing your motivation. You can watch the Facebook Live Discussion below: 

Some of the strategies we discussed included BREATHE, the foundation of self-care. 

Remember to BREATHE:

Budget your time and energy
Rest & Sleep for 7-9 hours per day
Eat every 3-4 hours
Attend to one thing at a time
Treat yourself with respect and love
Hydrate your cells
Exercise your body & brain

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Here's where you can learn more about BREATHE, foundations of self-care:


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  • rolliepollie By rolliepollie

    I honestly think one of the best ways to lower stress is to turn on social media, and turn off the news. Disconnect from the hate and nonsense that consumes our lives.

  • nickelet11 By nickelet11

    will be there!

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