Time To Wash the Sheets? Why Not Toss Them Out?

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Sep 20, 2016

Young people rejoice as dorm rooms and camp bunks are about to get a lot cleaner and fresher without having to step foot in a laundry room. Creator of disposable sheets called AfreSHeet, Maxwell Cohen, recently presented his innovation in bed linens on the show Shark Tank. The idea is that the sheets will be especially helpful to young people who aren’t always on top of their landry, little ones who may have middle of the night accidents and perhaps those that are caring for a sick family member at home.

Today reports about the AfreSHeets that comes to customers in the form of seven layers that you peel back and simply toss out when you need a fresh set of sheets. Cohen explains that his disposable sheets are popular among college students and especially summer camps. He adds, “I’ve also noticed that a lot of people are buying them for their guest homes.” They currently come in two sizes which are twin and cot and range in price from around $26 - $30, but Cohen says he plans to expand and offer every size including sheets for a crib.

The disposable sheets are waterproof and are made from a polyester blend that the company claims is comfortable and feels “cottony soft”. And if you’re worried about a larger carbon footprint when purchasing disposable sheets, Cohen points out that doing the laundry wastes both electricity and water - not to mention use of harsh chemicals like bleach and detergent.

Whether or not disposable sheets will truly take off is unknown, but Cohen says he already has pre-orders in for next summer and believes the trend will catch on. He says, “I believe in the next four to seven years, people will be sleeping on bed sheets like mine or something similar.”

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