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  • jessicamac By  jessicamac    

    Great vanilla!

    Need to buy some vanilla ice cream to go with apple crisp, and saw this in the freezer section for the first time. Have heard that it's great, so gave it a try, and was very happy that we did. Nice and creamy and thick, much better than the usual choices at the supermarket.

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  • rkosully By  rkosully    

    Mint Chocolate Chip Deliciousness!

    I was first interested in Tillamook Ice Cream, because the company is based in Oregon, and it's farmer-owned. This mint chocolate chip flavor is fantastic. It's high-quality ice cream!

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  • Robert3 By  Robert3    

    Very disappointed

    What a rip off. I love Rocky Road ice cream so I tried this one. It is just chocolate ice cream with almost zero of the ingredients that make chocolate into Rocky Road. Very disappointed. Won't buy again.

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  • Readrea By  Readrea    

    It's made in Oregon, where my grandparents lived, so I've got a soft spot for Tillamook Cheese Factory and icecream. My favorite is the chocolate, white chocolate swirl. It's so creamy. For vanilla, I like to stir in cinnamon and curry powder. I tiny it's delicious!

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  • shannonmdavis72912 By  shannonmdavis72912    

    Best ice cream ever. Love all the flavors I've ever eaten. I visit the Tillamook cheese factory every year.

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  • oregon By  oregon    

    i'm from oregon so i am partial to this brand. I love every flavor I've tried.Recently had the chocolate and peanut butter at my daughter's -- we all loved it, from kids to seniors. I was pleasantly surprised tastes just like reese's pieces -- w/no pieces, so smooth and creamy. Strawberry is another favorite of mine.

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  • 87rbbjef By  87rbbjef    

    Ice cream better than Friendly's is what I crave! My mom buys Friendly's all the time and I get disappointed, because my friend will buy this one, which I ove tons more.

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  • justjenne By  justjenne    

    Tillamook makes the best products!!!

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  • surveyname By  surveyname    

    So tasty and creamy ice-cream, my family just love it. I love all the flavors, but the mint and chocolate chip is my most favorite.

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  • poodlem By  poodlem    

    love this ice cream it is so creamy and has such a good taste

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  • deann1548 By  deann1548    

    I tried the Tillamook ice cream and it is delicious! I tried the mint chip flavor and the strawberry and they were so creamy! I think it is the best ice cream! I would recommend this to all to try. The mint chip has big pieces of chocolate in it!

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