Tide plus Febreze Freshness Sport Liquid Laundry Detergent

Tide plus Febreze Freshness Sport Liquid Laundry Detergent

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Best Tide Scent This is the best scent for tide. The scent does last. This is the only scent I buy from tide. I don't buy tide unless It is on sale.

THE SMELL IS AMAZING! Once I found this product, I haven't switched! Tide does an amazing job of cleaning and this "Sport" version with Febreze is the best smelling detergent I've ever had!

I definitely feel like the tide sports helps with odor and stains better than regular tide. I use it for the highly stained and sweaty clothes.

This is the BEST smelling and WORKING detergent out there! I had to switch to Downy Free (which is unscented) and was disappointed that my clothes didn't smell as nice anymore (although, now with Unstoppables, that's not much of an issue!), but this Tide totally makes your clothes smell amazing (even without Unstoppables), and it really gets stains out. It's also so concentrated that while it may be a little on the pricey side at times, since I can use so much less, it still ALWAYS wins out over other brands for me in the end. For the benefits, no other brand compares no matter how inexpensive it may be!

This detergent itvworks wonderful on all clothing and it does let the dirt come through the scent.

One of my favorite Tide products you don't have to use dryer sheets with this product.

I received two bottles free from Tide. I have to say this is a great product. I have always been a fan of Tide and this one cleans exceptionally well. It left the clothes smelling great but not overwhelming. I would definitely recommend this!!

I received 2 full size bottles free of charge from the Tide company to try it out. I absolutely love this product, the smell is great, and it gets stains out the first time. I used to wash my young daughters clothes through the wash cycle two times to get stains out, but after using this tide product they came out clean the first wash. Also, the scent of Tide is still on the clothing 1 week after washing them.

I love Tide it is my go to laundry soap. I do love the the added scent but I really love the regular scent of Tide.

Love love tide!! Works great on my husband's stinky socks and is safe enough for my baby..

Works great on my husbands gym clothing I couldn't get.them clean till tide sport.

love tide

Love this!!!! My husband is a helicopter pilot in the south and nothing and nothing would remove the smell of hours of sweat dried onto an undershirt. Until i found tide sports. I only wish they had better coupons and sales for it.

One of my favorites to use on mine and my children's clothes!

Tide is best at removing dirt from clothes, and with fabreeze in the mix, you cant go wrong!