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  • LoreHerrera By  LoreHerrera    

    Carry around in my diaper bag. Very useful now that my baby is experimenting with more solids and likes to splash her hands in bowls! Gets stains out easily while we are on the go !

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  • Csmith1221 By  Csmith1221    


    Love this product being a FTM with all of the stains i need to get out on the go. I feel confident when i have a small or big stain for it to come out in the wash if i use the Tide stick

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  • Habladora By  Habladora    


    This little product is very useful and has helped me save so many clothes that I would have been stained forever. I recommend this product for any man who is on the go.

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  • Krey918 By  Krey918    

    I love this pen! It really gets out stains. However, it doesn't last long.

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  • jokegirl By  jokegirl    

    It does get the mess out when your out and so easy to carry a long with you

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  • mollzim9 By  mollzim9    

    mess free

    I just bought tide on the go. I have used it once and i have found my new best friend when it comes to small accidents while out with my son.

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  • mascals By  mascals    

    This is a must have item in your bag. This is great for that coffee stain that you get on your shirt at work. I always have one in my bag.

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  • mickiellen By  mickiellen    


    This is great to always keep in your purse/backpack/car. Every time I spill something on myself, it is always there. It has even worked on a stain I didn't know I had, on shirts that have already been washed!

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  • monique11 By  monique11    

    i am so hooked on this item...my daughter uses medical scrubs and gets stains on her uniform very often...this works wonders...

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  • Sgilberti By  Sgilberti    

    Best thing when my son decides to wipe his hands or face in me after lunch

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  • chloew22 By  chloew22    

    I like this product a lot. It is very good to keep on hand when you're on the go. It has saved me in the stain department several times. However, I had to give 4 stars because it has leaked out a few times. The pen leaked in my purse once and so I bought another one and left it in my car and it leaked out in my car as well. The smell is pretty strong as well, but overall, it works great and is a great idea!

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  • Kmarie85 By  Kmarie85    

    Love this product! I keep in my purse an it always gets the stain out!

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  • SapphireFira By  SapphireFira    

    I love this I am constantly spilling especially when I am running to my next class and this always manages to get out any stain that I have and it helps me to look presentable all the time.

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  • Teacupp By  Teacupp    

    Ahhh I always have one of these in my purse. It works wonderful!

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  • ellen39503 By  ellen39503    

    I love this great new invention called the Tide To Go Stain Pen.I take it with me everywhere, It fits in my purse perfectly. My grandkids are always dripping food and spilling drinks on themselves, and this handy little pen is perfect when you are out and about.

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