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  • agould81 By  agould81    

    Go to!

    I cannot rave over tide pods enough, these are my favorite laundry cleaning supplies. How can so much punch be packed into such a small little size? So convenient too! My go to!

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  • Gpeach211 By  Gpeach211    

    So fresh and so clean

    As usual this tide product is excellent! My clothes came out smelling really clean. Lifts dirt and stains like it claims to do. An absolute recommendation for doing your laundry as far as I'm concerned!

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  • TheMaven By  TheMaven    

    Simplifies laundry

    For my family, pods are nice because we each do our own laundry, and these make for less mess and less waste. There are no drips or piles of powder in the laundry area. They do a good job cleaning our laundry, too!

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  • Mrsebrust By  Mrsebrust    

    Smells great but too much plastic

    These did a great job cleaning my kids' clothes. I like the variety of scents and the freshness they give to my clothes. I wish they were more environmentally friendly and used less plastic.

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  • takgirl14 By  takgirl14    

    Tide Pods save the day!

    I love Tide Pods plus Downy! They are my favorite type of Tide Pods, mainly because of the awesome fragrance. I generally love Tide Pods because they get out stains that other products don?t. If I have a stain the looks really bad, like it won?t come out or it?s a mystery stain, I will wash the item using Tide Pods and it usually comes out (90% of the time). I trust Tide Pods to save my clothes, as well as my daughter?s clothes since those really tend to get dirty!

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  • Kristycreel985 By  Kristycreel985    

    Love this product strong enough to remove stains and smells so good

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  • dyan316 By  dyan316    

    Great product

    I love Tide pods. They are so convenient and take the guess work out of how much laundry soap to use. I use these on my husbands clothes and he pipelines, so his clothes are always dirty. Tide pods gets them clean every time plus makes them smell great.

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  • tjs68111 By  tjs68111    

    Like Tide Pods

    These little pods are packed with cleaning power! Only reason not 5 stars is because most of my loads require 2 pods and that gets quite expensive! But, they really clean good!

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  • brittylou22 By  brittylou22    

    Great Clean!

    I absolutely LOVE Tide Pods. I use other detergents from time to time, but others don't smell as brightly or fragrantly as Tide. They also don't clean as well as Tide.

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  • fifina By  fifina    

    Easy way to use a great detergent

    Tide always have been my favorite but now is perfect in a pod, no problems pouring and having a mess in the laundry, the pod is supper easy to use and the quality of Tide is always the same perfect and good to my close and the smell is fresh

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  • Cbyertyre By  Cbyertyre    

    Pods: A College Lifesaver

    I love tide pods! They are especially convenient for a college student like myself who just wants to toss her laundry detergent in her pocket rather than carry a whole bottle (added to the multitude of other items she must carry to the laundry room). There s no measuring involved so there is little to no error involved. I will say one thing, make sure that the pod is actually in the cycle and not squished against the washer door; there have been sometime when I have found a nearly dissolved pod in the washer. Other than that, the pods are a life saver!

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  • Pinkprincess717 By  Pinkprincess717    

    Team Tide

    I love that Tide Pods have detergent, a stain remover and brightener all in one packet! With 90% cleaning ingredients inside I know my clothes will come out clean! Any tough stains are removed! I just toss it in the washer and it quickly dissolves! No spills. No mess. I'm a Tide fan because it's a brand I know and trust!

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  • xocandie07 By  xocandie07    

    Best way to Wash

    I enjoy tide pods & the fact that you dont have to measure out the amount of liquid you're putting into the washing machine. It can help with saving money big time!

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  • Nelcir2 By  Nelcir2    

    Great for college students

    I loved using Tide pods when I was in college because they were so easy to carry and one of them worked wonders!

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  • jezral81 By  jezral81    

    Love these

    I LOVE these. They are so simple to use and convenient for busy moms.

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