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  • CadenceBlythe By  CadenceBlythe    

    Smells really good and refreshing. I like this. I spritz it in every room in my house. Def worth the price.

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  • chey96 By  chey96    

    I honestly love this!smell so delicious♡ great before company come over

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  • kandrews82 By  kandrews82    

    I love the scent! It is so relaxing and fresh!

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  • aprilbelarde By  aprilbelarde    

    Love this

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  • mgeorge14 By  mgeorge14    

    I love the whole Thymes lavender collection. Spraying the bedroom with the lavender mist about once a day leaves a subtle lavender fragrance that always helps me relax at bedtime. They used to have a product line called "sleep well" but it seems to have been discontinued. Some lavender products can smell harsh but Thymes is excellent.

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