Thomas'  Seasonal Cranberry English Muffins

Thomas' Seasonal Cranberry English Muffins

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Love these English muffins The review that I am writing for is Thomas's English muffins cinnamon raisin flavor. It is so good to eat for breakfast. I love to eat it with butter and cheese

nice version This is a nice alternative to a plain english muffin. Thomas's is the best.

Love English muffins Love having an English muffin with peanut butter and Nutella

I don't generally eat a lot of bread products, but oh man, when these cranberry English muffins come around at the end of the year I buy them every week until they're gone. I love them and the giant bits of dried cranberries that are in them.

I love english muffins. They are super versatile too. Have them with some peanut butter or hazelnut spread, or make mini pizzas. I love them.

I never thought I would have liked a cranberry english muffin but I'm pleasantly surprised!

I purchased these on a whim as I don't usually eat English muffins. These are wonderful! So wonderful that I went back to the store to get more the next day as they are a seasonal item. Unfortunately, there were no more to be found. Hope I can find some after Christmas!

I don't typically review grocery products online, but I am so glad that I made an impulse buy to try these english muffins. I like mine toasted with butter and local honey. The cranberries are big and just the right kind of tart. This totally puts me in the holiday spirit.

I loved these during the winter season. I can't wait to get them again this winter. A little butter on them was awesome. The cranberries were large and added a great texture to the muffin.

I'm not a big fan of your basic english muffin but these are ridiculously good. The muffin was full of cranberries and provided just the right amount of sweetness. I preferred them plain because the flavor was so good I didn't need to add anything else. I bought several packages over the holidays and my local grocery even had them bogo free. My waistline is glad they are only seasonal.

I have to try this! I love Thomas english muffins and cranberries!! I hope it's not too late to find them in stores.

Never had this kind before but have tried their other English Muffins and they are great!!

A flavor-packed treat that's only here from Thanksgiving to Christmas, we wish we could get them year-round. Face it, bagels have become boring! Every bite of these beauties is bursting with bright cranberries and engaging flavor. My freezer is a host to a stash of these every year and we always run out. Far tastier than the Cranberry English Muffins, they're a sure bet to punch up breakfasts and brunches during the holiday season.

These are Great, But Has Anyone ever try the corn flavor ones. They have a sweet/cornbread taste to them. They even comes in apple too! Oh My Goodness they are Sooo Delous'....

They bring all the goodness of crisp autumn days to the breakfast table. At out Friday Brunch after Thanksgiving they were a hit!