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  • cutie720 By  cutie720    

    Calling all Mathematicians

    This is one of my favorite games for both my daughter and my students. Being a math teacher, this game promotes logical reasoning, creativity, fine-motor manipulation, and spatial sense. It additionally strengthens concentration, persistence, and confidence. My daughter loves this game and has a blast working through the cards. Your little mathematician will sit for hours.

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  • michelemj By  michelemj    

    I had the regular Rush Hour in my 4th/5th grade classrooms. The students loved to play with it when we had indoor recess. I have recommended this as a gift for many people.

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  • jerseygirl1 By  jerseygirl1    

    My son just got this game for his 5th birthday and he is having so much fun with it. It is a little game where you set up a traffic jam and then try to figure out how to get your car out of it. He is mesmerized. We love it because it makes him think and figure things out, but he just thinks it is fun. It is ages 6-8, so we have had to help him with some of it, but we have had fun figuring it out together. I also like that it is small and is perfect for restaurants or other places when he needs to play independently. There are other versions for older kids too.

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