Thierry Mugler  Angel

Thierry Mugler Angel

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#1 perfume in my book. Lasts all day. Best in class. Received many, many compliments over the past 12 years that I have been an Angel wearer. Love, love, love. Received a simple yet elegant Angel bracelet on my birthday one year from the Angel Circle, which I recommend joining to record purchases.

Amber, patchouli, vanilla...the first "gourmand" scent. I adore this in the winter, it smells great when you get a whiff of it off your sweater. It's sweet but still sexy. Expensive but it's strong with great staying power so you only need a spritz to last all night. I've tried hard to find other scents I like as much but always return to this.

I first smelled this scent in a nightclub in Prague...and was instantly in love with it. I would describe it as musky with vanilla undertones. It is about the opposite of citrus as one can get. The one catch- this stuff is very strong. It is very easy to put on too much...and not be able to tell since you are used to it. I have found that using the Angel lotion alone is enough for everyday use.

It's strong so a little goes a long way.

I enjoyed this fragrance, some patchouli made it a little overpowering but I would consider using it again.

thsi perfum is the best. It smells so good. My aunts alwaysbwears it.

This is my aunt's signature fragrance as well as being mine. Despite the 24 year age difference between us, Angel works for us both. It's sensual and rich, but it isn't overpowering. I prefer it in cooler months, so I'm gnashing my teeth in anticipation for fall.

The shape of the perfume is so cute. But the smell is kind of overpowering....

My daughter loves this scent and it smells ok on her but when I try it it just stinks. I don't know why it just does and my daughter asked me what I was wearing and told me to please tell her so she would never buy it because it smelled awful, she apologized but said she had to be honest, when I told her she was shocked and couldn't believe it until I used hers in front of her

I fall in love with this fragrance 1996 and I'm faithful since then! My hubby is happy, because he never get wrong for birthday! )))

I dont like this at all. Actually find the fragrance offensive for some reason. My best friend wears it when we go out and I cant sit next to her or be in the same car. I physically get sick when I smell it. Hopefully this is just me and that this doesnt have the same affect on others. I would be curious to find out.

I love "gourmand" scents, and this one is a great mix of sweetness and complexity.

i think this stuff stinks. i work at a fragrance counter at a department store and when people want to smell this, no matter how carefull i am not to spray myself i always get this stuff on me and can never get it off.

I am in LOVE with this scent. It is so different from others I have tried and with just one small spray I always have someone asking what I am wearing. People of all ages have asked me that question and I always spread the word with a smile. It makes me feel attractive!

Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel...strange mix for a perfume - but I love it! and whenever I weat Angel I get a ton of compliments - including "you smell delicious ~ I just giggle and say thanks - love this product!!!