There's No Place Like Home: Smart Shoes That Can Save You From Bad Dates

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 29, 2014

What if on your next blind date disaster you could simply click your heels like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz and end up back on your couch with your favorite ice cream and movie? Sounds like a dream, but developers of a Bluetooth system want to make this a reality by placing a small clip inside your shoe that is activated by clicking three times and will do a variety of things like call you a taxi or send you a phone call.

The Daily Mail reports about the system called Dorothy that is currently in development and was created by the managing director at iStrategyLabs, DJ Saul. The “Ruby” clip can be inserted to any shoe and connects wirelessly to the Dorothy app on your iPhone.

Next time you are on a date that’s not going so well you can simply and covertly click your heels three times and receive a phone call so you can make an excuse to leave, e.g., you have to take care of an emergency at work. The Ruby clip can also be triggered to call you an Uber taxi to hightail it out of any situation. The app will receive the command and use your location via GPS to contact Uber.

The system is also set up to send a template text to up to three friends and more commands like being able to order a pizza by clicking your heels are currently in the works. Creator Saul also hopes to make the small clip even smaller and more discreet in the near future. He explains, “While this is our initial prototype, we’re currently exploring models as small as third of its current size, potentially built into an insole.”

What do you think of this Dorothy system that can get you out of sticky situations?

Do you think this would be helpful for blind dates that aren’t going so well?


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jaibabytalks by jaibabytalks | Monroe, MI
Nov 20, 2014

I love this idea, I think it's fantastic, and I really wish I had this luxury when I was younger it would really gave helped me with a few situations. I think it would be great to have ago kids with these devices as well.

monipenny by monipenny | Laguna Beach, CA
Nov 07, 2014

It sounds like a great safety device for any unsafe situation.

girl17 by girl17 | EAGAN, MN
Oct 31, 2014

I think this type of system would be better for keeping kids safe than a bad date. I've heard that if kids are kidnapped they usually keep their shoes so a good way to signal for help!!

Kay3131 by Kay3131 | New York, NY
Oct 29, 2014