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 Welcome to The Power of the Heart Program!

The Power of the Heart shows how you can overcome limitations in your daily life to find your true potential – and reveals the heart to be a source of love and wisdom that far surpasses that of the mind.

How Do You Connect With Your Individual Heart’s Power?
There are many different ways to connect with your heart’s power and intelligence. The book explains how to listen to your heart’s voice and hear its wisdom. It also explains ways in which you can develop your intuition, create synchronicity, clarify your intentions, and exercise the power of gratitude. All of these – intuition, intention, gratitude, and synchronicity – are also powers of the heart.

How To Participate In This Program

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Additional Resources

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Suggested Exercises 
The Three Blessing Exercise (page 65)
Every night for a week write down what went well, or three blessings. The three things that went well can be small or large, unimportant or important. Then next to each item answer the question "Why did this go well?"

Then write a blog post and share how you felt after completing the exercise.

The Your Calling Exercise page (141)
To better understand your mission, answer at least 3 of the following questions in a blog post.

Then reflect: What one new thing you learned about yourself? What question made you think the most?

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