The Year of You: Get Inspired For Those New Years Resolutions & #GetMyGoal (Tip #3)

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 01.31.17
The Year of You: Get Inspired For Those New Years Resolutions & #GetMyGoal (Tip #3)

Allow yourself to get inspired with tip #3. Look for bloggers you admire, and use them as motivation to finally crush your goal this year. By following them on your social media accounts, you'll be reminded why you set these goals in the first place, giving you the extra push you need.

You can also find inspiration by creating a vision board for yourself, whether it be a physical board or just one on Pinterest. Gather images and quotes that really motivate you - the more creativity the better!

Comment below: Who inspires you to keep your New Year's resolutions?

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  • Midlifeswag By Midlifeswag

    I have a few friends on Facebook who post about different yoga events in the area to keep us motivated.

  • Justmissash By Justmissash

    My kids! They are my reason to live and to want to live more fully.

  • KouponKat By KouponKat

    My husband and kids inspire me to keep going with my health goals. We work hard for our money and don't want to end up spending it all on health care.

  • TamJu46 By TamJu46

    Dominique Sachse has inspired me. She has shown in her videos how ladies in our 40's can still wear makeup trends and skin care that is suited for our age. Most videos our mostly focused on an younger audience.

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