The Women Who Inspire Us

   By drodriguez  Aug 04, 2011

SheSpeaks teamed up with the PepsiCo Women's Inspiration Network to create the She Inspires Series, where we asked our members to tell us who and what inspires them most.

Our members spoke up and the results are in:

  • Hillary Clinton is the most inspirational female leader, followed closely by Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Condoleezza Rice.
  • Despite the rise of female political powerhouses, 71% of women do not think a woman will win the Presidency in 2012.
  • Women equally rank hard work and the ability to inspire as most-needed leadership skills.
  • The majority of women have no preference working for a male or female boss.
  • Most women think the greatest challenge to achieving leadership roles is the perception that women make less effective leaders. 

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Tell us what you think! Who do you consider to be the most inspirational female leader? 

What do you think are the most-needed leadership skills?

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msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Aug 04, 2011

I agree with the results above. I think it's wonderful how these women can still be feminine but show their "smarts" and be so admired for their accomplishments.