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The Women Tell All About Real Beauty

SS Member Image By drodriguez 09.10.08
The Women Tell All About Real Beauty
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To follow-up on last week’s blog topic about Diane English’s new film, The Women, you might want to check out a fascinating behind-the-scenes mini documentary put out by Dove.  The Dove advertising campaigns in the past have proven to be unique and forward thinking when it comes to women.  By straying from the typical young stick-thin model image in their posters and commercials they challenge the viewer to redefine real beauty while posing the idea that real beauty comes from within.


It seems fitting Dove would team up with Diane English’s The Women since the film deals with many issues women face like body image and self-esteem.  A young 16-year-old woman by the name of Cammy Nelson is the center of the mini-documentary.  She is interested in becoming a professional journalist, so Diane English invited her to the set of The Women to do interviews with the female cast and predominately female crew as well as see what a typical day on a movie set is like.


Cammy Nelson discussed how she was able to see the movie star transformation first-hand every day which made her realize the amount of work that goes into making these women camera ready.  Every star sits in the makeup chair for hours before they are seen by cameras.  Knowing the reality of the situation is a must for teens who don’t realize how models in magazines are airbrushed and actresses are wearing layers upon layers of make-up to make them look the way they do.


Throughout the short film, Nelson asks various cast members to describe their idea of real beauty.  Their answers are surprising to Nelson at first as she thought they would describe the very thin “perfect” looking women she sees plastered on magazine covers every day.  Annette Benning describes real beauty as having a good sense of humor while Jada Pinkett Smith described it as feeling good about yourself.  Though each actress had a different definition, it was clear they feel that real beauty comes from within. 


To check out Dove’s mini-documentary you can visit .


What do you think of the behind-the-scenes mini-documentary of The Women put out by Dove?


Do you think Dove is on the right track with their “Real Beauty” campaigns?


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  • Jenmeme By Jenmeme

    Yes, I do! I hope more children see it, especially young women! Jen

  • tina2367 By tina2367

    this is great it shows women that size does not matter and big can be bootiful with all the craze on skinny before we truly need this for our children..tina

  • haveitoldyoulately By haveitoldyoulately

    Bravo... we have to teach and pass on positive outlooks and realistic goals...and not try to fulfill someone else?s desires of what we should be.

  • JEM4612 By JEM4612

    The Dove campaign has made me a life-long customer. At first I thought it was a gimmick. The fact that they have contined with the campaign means to me that it is a commitment they have made. I have always liked Dove products, but I now choose Dove products over other products when given the chance, just because I think the campaign is great.

  • peacegirl8 By peacegirl8

    I think it is great what Dove is doing because in this day and age different size of women are not showed or celebrated like they should be. I think it is showing a good role model for young girls.

  • Salemsw By Salemsw

    I think this is wonderful!!

  • bethsmith_21 By bethsmith_21

    I think this is great. It shows everyone men, women, children, that you don't have to be young, or have an eating disorder to be beautiful.

  • hethrlynn By hethrlynn

    I think it is great that Dove is doing this! It shows that everyone is beautiful.

  • touchedbyaangel By touchedbyaangel

    Everyone is beautiful ! It would be a dull world if everyone was the same. Thanks DOVE!!

  • Halcat By Halcat

    DOVE is the best. I love them. They are by far the best company out there..........

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