The Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Weight Loss Management System Shakes

The Vitamin Shoppe Next Step Weight Loss Management System Shakes

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thanks, this product really cool Thanks for article! I think this product really help more people!

To start, I got this in the Influenster GoVoxBox to try out and get my opinion. So, I get home from a work out at the gym after a long day of work and I don?t feel like cooking and I?m certainly not going to ruin my workout by stopping and grabbing fast food. My solution on workout days is a protein/meal replacement shake. I?m picky. I think Slim Fast tastes like garbage and I force myself to down a bottle of Special K breakfast shake. All that being said?. Holy cow! This is a protein shake unlike any other. It tastes delicious! I decided to forgo the water recommendation and used 2% milk instead. It was super creamy and really delicious. Maybe one day I?ll man up and try it with water. Honestly, I have hated every vanilla shake I?ve ever tried. This was fantastic. Like slurping a melted ice cream or something similiar. I really enjoyed it. Now, the bad. I use this with the Jax NextStep shaker and was a little disappointed. Aside from my complete fear of that top popping off and my shake going flying (gripping and shaking was 10 kinds of awkward!), I could not get those clumps out! 60% of drinking my shake was inhaling clumps of powder that didn?t properly break loose. I?m blaming this on the packets themselves. I think they packed the powder together and they were just stubborn about coming loose in the shaker cup. Good thing the clumps tasted good or I would have been really turned off by the whole thing. All in all, it?s getting 4 stars. Great tasting especially for a protein shake, but the clumping thing sucks. I will buy this again so hopefully I don?t have this problem with the big container of powder. Also, I drank this as a meal replacement for my dinner and it filled me up and I didn?t snack at all at night like I usually do. Update: The big container doesn't clump at all. Even the packets don't if you shake them to absolute death. Still an excellent product.