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  • Booney86 By  Booney86    

    Scary good

    I love these types of films this was very scary and checked all the boxes for me Hitchcock would cheer

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  • Kittykatt1976 By  Kittykatt1976    

    This movie gave me chills

    I loved this one the scariest movies I've seen in years a horror movie buff's dream come true has kind of a Hitchcock feel to it brilliant I'd recommend this to fans of Dead Silence and the original psycho

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    it was slightly predicting so i can't say i love it or hate it.

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  • agaphmou By  agaphmou    

    It's the first half-decent horror movie to be released in quite a while,although a couple of lines are ridiculously funny(without meaning to be).If you like horror movies like I do,then I recommend this one

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