The US Forever Stamp

   By drodriguez  Sep 14, 2008

We’ve been buying stamps forever, well since 1847 when they were introduced and immediately embraced with sales hovering around 3,700,000 for the 5¢ (for distances under 300 miles) and about 865,000 for the 10¢ variety which went the, uh, distance.

Today we pay by weight and time delivery, not distance, and now, the purchase of postage is comparable to a stock market gamble with more reliable returns. With the introduction of the Forever Stamp on May 14th, snail-mail users can hedge their bets against future postal rates by stocking up on Forever Stamps for months, years or forever.

This is how it works. On sale since April 12th, but only valid since Monday, the Forever Stamp price is 41¢, coinciding with the most recent hike in price of a first-class postage stamp from 39¢. If, when the price trickles up again by a cent or two, the Forever Stamp will spare you the cost increase ? and the frustration of hunting down those 2¢ stamps. So ten years from now, when a stamp costs a buck, if you stock piled Forever Stamps today, you’ll save 59¢ on every holiday card you send out. The price of the Forever stamp increases each time the cost of a first class stamp goes up; but the premise stays the same.
Do you care? According to an independent federal agency, the U.S. Postal Service has annual revenues of $73 billion and delivers nearly half the world’s mail. It’s income doesn’t come from taxes and its expenses fluctuate: if the price of gas goes up just one cent, the annual nut for USPS goes up $8 million. Maybe we should keep our own future expenses down by stocking up on the Forever Stamp ? today.

Do you plan to buy the forever stamp? Are there other products you'd like to see with a "forever" version?

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adelh666 by adelh666 | ARNOLD, MD
Dec 03, 2008

i like the forever stamp, because i was getting tired of the post office increases! Its not like we have a CHOICE WHEN MAILING OUR MAIL. The post office is all we have. Before the forever stamp, i would only purchase the stamps i need, period. I subsidize everything else, but i refuse to subsidize them!

kyhomebody by kyhomebody | garfield, KY
Nov 19, 2008

me again,its unfortunate somany of us will have to watch our pennies, as one of the biggest thrills i get in december is to find a christmas card in amongst my bills and junk mail. IT'S a very personal way of saying your in my heart and thoughts. i get emailed to death with web jokes from friends and family but it is rare tho recieve any letters online or in the mail and i miss correspondence very much.

kyhomebody by kyhomebody | garfield, KY
Nov 19, 2008

i think its a great cocept but i have one in a rural area i regularly talk with my post mistress and according to her each pst office must be able to sustain itself solely on its own sales of stamps shipping and other purchases. if everyone in my area used forever stamps would the small semi anual fee and the reduction of volume in holiday shipping along with money order sales be enough to keep rural post offices open? the nearest almost city to me is a 40 minute drive.

cloud9cl by cloud9cl | Huntsville, AL
Jun 09, 2007

Wow.I had heard some passing mention of the forever stamp, but this is the first I had read about how it really works. I think it is a great idea for consumers, but I wonder if the USPS is stabbing themselves in the foot. They will get the money up front, but if many of us actually purchase the forever stamp this many actually hurt them in the furture (That is assuming that we don't all put our forever stamps in such a safe place that we forget where they are--story of my life). Are they setting a time limit as to how long they will offer the forever stamp?

spongygirl by spongygirl | El Cajon, CA
Jun 07, 2007

I think that if the forever stamp is really good forever than it is a good idea but at the same time when i thnk about it I think well if they quit raising the price of a stamp every few years then they wouldn't really need a stamp like the forever stamp. but I guess overall it is good to have a forever stamp so that you son't have to keep track of the price of stamps and keep track of when the next date is the price goes up.

picassogirl by picassogirl | eagan, MN
Jun 06, 2007

p.s My hubby is a is a walking mailman in MN :o)

picassogirl by picassogirl | eagan, MN
Jun 06, 2007

Kuddos to sunshine57...How can people complain about the cost of the stamp???? The stamp does not increase by a dollar over night like gas does. Come on people it's time to stop ragging on the postal service. Have you ever really thought about what it takes to get a letter from point A to point B???? The stamp is the best deal out there!!

kristiedreyer by kristiedreyer | SOUTHBRIDGE, MA
Jun 06, 2007

Well, finally. I'll be buying these from now on.

amerksfan1 by amerksfan1 | Rochester, NY
Jun 06, 2007

I just bought 100 of these, yep they will last till I am 6 foot under. I do as much on line as I can, but nice of the P.O. to do something for us for a change.

sunshine57 by sunshine57 | fairview, OK
Jun 03, 2007

I have worked for the Postal Service for 20 years. When I started stamps were 25 cents. They have only gone up 16 cents during those years. Considering gas has been going up a dime a day here. I don't think that's too bad. If you want to save even more money go to and use click n ship, you get delivery confirmation for free. You can do just about everything you do at the post office on this sight. Get supplies you need shipped to your home for free. No standing in lines. The stamp will be valid FOREVER. The reason we don't do it for all stamps is stamp collectors. Use your outdated stamps on packages you mail. Stamps did go up but did you realize the additional postage went from 26 to 17

TinyCookie by TinyCookie | Mesquite, TX
May 31, 2007

I bought some of these and put them in the safe, just to keep.

gaithergirl by gaithergirl | Gardendale, AL
May 27, 2007

I will not stock up on these, because of all the technology, I pay for everything on line, send ecards, and do everything on the web. Very rarely do I send anything snail mail. I have so many stamps that are 35, 37, and 39 cents that I just use more than one of them when I do mail. I don't believe that these steps will be forever. I believe that down the line those will have no value and you will have to pay more as well.

cvarano by cvarano | BROOKLYN, NY
May 24, 2007

I do like the idea and I'm sure the pennies add up but something tells me I won't stock up on these and if I did I'd use them before the prices are really hiked up.

lahhough by lahhough | COUNCIL BLFS, IA
May 23, 2007

I think it's a good idea. But, I won't be buying the forever stamp as I pay the majority of my bills on line.

May 23, 2007