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The Tyson Tragedy

The Tyson Tragedy

We were all deeply saddened recently to hear the reports of Exodus Tyson, Mike Tyson’s 4-year-old daughter’s, accidental death.  It has been confirmed that Exodus Tyson died after getting a treadmill cord wrapped around her neck.  Since the news hit many people have begun to question the safety of having exercise equipment in homes with children. 

A recent article from the New York Times reported that somewhere around 25,000 children pay a visit to the emergency room every year due to an injury related to home exercise equipment.  Many of the injuries reported are severe burns caused by children touching underneath the track of a treadmill in motion. 

Australian hospitals have seen so many children coming in with burns from treadmills that their government has launched a campaign called “Treadmills and Kids Don’t Mix”.  As a new safety measure, all new treadmills in Australia will come with a large sticker warning parents of the dangers it may pose to small children.  But is a sticker enough?

The New York Times article advises that parents should keep exercise equipment in the locked position and unplugged.  The equipment should be set up in a way so that a parent can see where the children are from every angle.  A couple of mirrors positioned in the right way may be a good option in order to get a clear view of children approaching. 

Do you think Exodus Tyson’s death was just a freak accident or something that should be explored further?

What do you think can be done to keep kids safe around exercise equipment?

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  • funKat By funKat

    I heard about this news. It's just so terrible for a playful child to meet such an accident. I think it's purely accidental, she really shouldn't have played with the treadmill. With the exercise equipment, I guess it's better parents keep it in a room in which children aren't allowed to enter without an adult with them. It keeps them safer and hopefully prevents accident.

  • bonnieb118 By bonnieb118

    I'm sure this was purely accidental. But my question is, why was she allowed to play on exercise equipment? They are meant for adults, not children. I agree with what the NY times said - keeping the equipment locked and keeping an eye on the child may prevent this in the future.

  • GenaMcL By GenaMcL

    So sad. And the parents are going to have to live with the what if's. Equipment should be locked up, but it isn't always practical. If not then it should be unplugged at the very least.

  • ysa_bul By ysa_bul

    OMG this is a nightmare 4 any parent and a reality check of what 2 have at home and not have around children. The guilt will be there regardless but prevention is something we should think of always. May this baby be in God's hands. RIP

  • watchout By watchout

    I heard about this and i am terrible sorry i think there should be a certain age to be able to get on one . Because there is a lot of "large" people that need to lose weight speciially after you've had a child

  • ayesha16 By ayesha16

    It is so sad. Now I am more careful about my kids being close to the treadmill. I am going to put one of those safety fences around my treadmill. And probably take the cord and key out of the treadmill.

  • Jakiya By Jakiya

    So sad to hear about Mike Tyson daughter, I know how my 2 year old is so I have been watching alot more closer. So i only use my treamill in the morning or at night when she is sleeps, so that it is not in her sight, also making sure no cords are hanging out anywhere in the house. Also my prayers are with the family.

  • rulistenin By rulistenin

    I just recently saw Mike Tyson on tv and he was talking about how his life is so much better than it had been. What a painful turn of events for any family to experience. May their whole family find peace and comfort.

  • dezid123 By dezid123

    This was so sad. Please don't realize how easy it is for children to get into things.

  • CrystalBurgard By CrystalBurgard

    While I feel bad that a child's life has been lost, I really dont see what the difference is between her having the cord of a treadmill around her neck, or the cord of a table lamp around her neck - both are equally as dangerous in any given situations. Yes, now more people are aware of the "dangerous" treadmill, but there are cords and everything else in every house across the country and it is plain old PARENTAL SUPERVISION

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