The Traveling Mom

   By KellyLoubet  Jun 08, 2011


For the last 5 or so years... I’ve done a great deal of traveling related to my work. My family is used to it. We’ve adapted. Grandmas cook and clean, Uncles and Aunts help out with the school schedules, friends set up play dates. We’re a finely tuned machine when it comes to mommy traveling.


When I’m away... my girls always want me to bring them something back. I know you’re probably thinking this is a terrible habit for them to be into. And I would agree with you but... I don’t bring them back toys or clothes or gifts of those sorts. I bring them back pens, stress balls, and samples. I bring them hotel stationary and lotions. They can’t wait to see what goodies I’ve hoarded away for them on my journey.

One of my favorite things to do is text them pictures during my trip. I’ll take pictures of things shaped like hearts... cracks in the sidewalks, stones, or clouds. The always get a kick out of that. I also write them letters to read while I’m away. This is an added bonus for them. My oldest, Rachel, can read pretty well now after 1st grade. Allison is going in to Kindergarten and can handle short and easily recognizable words. I encourgage them to write to me too.

The biggest part of our ritual is when I call each night to discuss the day’s events. Before we say I love you and hang up... one little voice will always say... "What are you bringing me?" And rather than get annoyed and feel like I’ve raised a materialistic child... I smile. I smile because I know that the anticipation of opening my bags and finding peanuts from the plane brings Mommy one day closer to home.

What are your travel routines?


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