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  • brandip1177 By  brandip1177    

    The map journal

    I bought this journal for my friends birthday she always uses journals. She absolutely loved it! This journal is very creative and fun.

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  • ILoveGod By  ILoveGod    

    Great way to preserve memories and have tons of fun at the same time!

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  • angelmk By  angelmk    

    So unique and I love that it bridges friendships,very creative.

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  • tochris By  tochris    

    What a great concept! Who would have thought to put together something so creative at such a young age. What a wonderful way of keeping memories close to your heart and in a journal!! Great graduation presents!

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  • alistorm By  alistorm    

    The whole concept of is creative and inspiring. More and more women have long distance friendships and we know that staying connected with those friends can be a challenge. The site was started by five friends who grew up in the same Iowa town and then ended up in five different states. They stayed connected by sharing a Traveling Journal. Now they're selling journals and supplies to motivate other women to do the same. I love The Jessica Journal-- especially in the color grass. It's handmade and the cover is designed from a recycled map. I just think this would make a great gift and could eventually become a priceless book that tells the story of a friendship.

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