The Social Network Movie

The Social Network Movie

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I have tried watching this three times now but just can't get passed how boring it is.

Thoroughly enjoyed it!


Liked hearing the history of facebook.

Loved it!!!

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie.

Good movie overall. Very interesting to learn how Facebook became what it is.Learn about the people behind it all. Great acting .

This movie was a great look into the beginning of Facebook and I liked it. Especially interesting for those of us who use Facebook and want to closer look into how it all began. Seeing how it is evolving now and where it all came from blows your mind!

This is a good movie, I hope that Mark Z. did not really do those things to his friend.

Liked this movie a lot as it moved along at a fast speed and blew me away with all the technical knowledge they showed.

Brilliant film. Aaron Sorkin's screenplay was my favorite aspect, but David Fincher never disappoints as director. (Though, Zodiac is more of a masterpiece in my opinion.) Justin Timberlake was surprisingly great, and it was nice to see Jesse Eisenberg not being restricted to an awkward comedic role (e.g, Adventureland).

I loved this movie. I found it very funny, and loved being able to learn the history behind something i use every day. I ended up buying it after it came out.

just a facinating movie

I loved this movie, because I love Facebook and it really told the story of it, my husband even liked it and he doesnt want anything to do with social networks, Justin Timberlake was great in it, I even forgot it was him after awhile.

Interestingly put together. Justin T was okay, I disagree with some of the other comments - but, the idea that this was based on reality and that there really is a geek who brought success to himself through this venue is great. How great entrepreneur spirit is! I don't think its Oscar worthy - but, definitely a good movie