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    Amazingly Moisturizing Toner

    Over the years, as I have streamlined my skin care routine, I have not even given toners a thought (because they always struck me as superfluous and basically useless). A Korean friend has been trying for years to get me to "up" my skin care "game" but knew better than to suggest I try the classic Korean 10-step skin care routine. She reduced the routine to 3 or 4 steps for me, and this very special moisturizing toner is one of those key steps (step 2 of 3). The steps incorporate products from a popular South Korean skin care line (sold in its own stores) called Urban Eco by The SAEM, with an amazing moisturizing ingredient from the Harakeke plant in New Zealand. If I was still an oily-skinned teen, I think I would just use this toner as my daily moisturizer. As a drier-skinned adult, I appreciate its gentle caress of my skin as it re-balances its pH and prepares my face for its daily moisturizing infusion.

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