The Presidential Election: Join the Discussion for 4 Chances to Win Visa Gift Cards!

SheSpeaksTeam By SheSpeaksTeam 09.21.16
The Presidential Election: Join the Discussion for 4 Chances to Win Visa Gift Cards!

It's hard to check Facebook, read Twitter, turn on the TV or listen to the radio without a mention of the upcoming Presidential election. So what are you and your friends/family talking about this season? We're curious about your thoughts on the process.

Following are 4 questions about the election. Please click on each link and tell us what you think. Everyone who participates in the discussions will be entered to win one of four $25 Visa gift cards! The more questions you answer, the more chances you have to win.

How much do you discuss the upcoming Presidential election with friends and/or family, IN PERSON? In what way?

How much do you discuss the upcoming Presidential election with friends and/or family, ON SOCIAL MEDIA? In what way?

Do you tell friends and family who you are voting for?  How do you feel when a friend or family member tells you they are voting for a different candidate? What have you said or done?

Where are you getting your information about the election? What sources do you trust the most?

Please note: We ask that you please be respectful of other opinions/comments. Any inappropriate language will be deleted.

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Please note that comments on this page will not count as giveaway entries.

Update: Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion! Congratulations to our winners: 12Heather34, tcarolinep, Bulldog0325, What 74.

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    @stacytallman @shespeaksup I am RSVPed to the twitter party! See you all there!

  • Janiceu201 By Janiceu201

    We talk several times a week over the comments degrading Trump we see a lot of positives with our economy and military with him

  • jussmeali By jussmeali

    Voting Trump..he can trash talk all he wants about women ..its just talk and ego...and was long enough ago had he done any harm..someone would of spoke u before now..when it comes to hill..I say if she gets in...kiss your life and freedoms away..I am tired of people thinking they are demo or rep...listen up..I mean really...Clintons rented out Lincolns bedrm..dont tell me they arent going to sell us out as much as possible..

  • littlecity413 By littlecity413

    It's been a hot button topic lately with my friends. I see some of them unfriending each other over it. I keep who I'm voting for to myself.

  • StormyViolet By StormyViolet

    Our family talks about the election and who they feel are best for President. We each have our own opinions on the matter, but we never get mad or heated about it. We just hear each others point of view and be respectful of each other's opinion.

  • Bonitaallen1960 By Bonitaallen1960

    I think this country is in big trouble we need to put God back in the white house

  • niknkeith By niknkeith

    Hi I don't like discussing these kinds of things but I have to say I've seen a lot of the commercials and I am a disabled mom. I'm 33 and none of my issues will ever go away. I will live with them the rest of my life. I thinks it's horrible that someone running for president would mock that.

  • Tmk03467 By Tmk03467

    I watch t.v. and do research, to gain knowledge of the candidates! Those who don't feel the same way, are entitled to their opinion!

  • Tmk03467 By Tmk03467

    I talk with my family! Thankfully most of us agree! I don't talk on social media much, for fear of being a crooked deplorable!

  • MotherGaia By MotherGaia

    My friends, family & I don't talk about the elections, because we are all getting tired of the lies, & arguing that has been going on.

  • mkvegas By mkvegas

    I'm still working on getting hubby to RESPECT my different opinion about the candidates. I don't mind that he's supporting the wrong candidate but it's difficult to get him to stop trying to change MY vote.

  • bevhen By bevhen

    We have a lot of discussions about the up coming elections

  • rajeespot By rajeespot

    Answered all the 4 questions and tweeted

  • bvice844 By bvice844

    truly i think we dont have any good candidates at all i am not an obama fan by far but i would let him be president at least another year till someone else came along

  • mitadav By mitadav

    I get my info from my husband.

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