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The Presidential Election: Join the Discussion for 4 Chances to Win Visa Gift Cards!

The Presidential Election: Join the Discussion for 4 Chances to Win Visa Gift Cards!

It's hard to check Facebook, read Twitter, turn on the TV or listen to the radio without a mention of the upcoming Presidential election. So what are you and your friends/family talking about this season? We're curious about your thoughts on the process.

Following are 4 questions about the election. Please click on each link and tell us what you think. Everyone who participates in the discussions will be entered to win one of four $25 Visa gift cards! The more questions you answer, the more chances you have to win.

How much do you discuss the upcoming Presidential election with friends and/or family, IN PERSON? In what way?

How much do you discuss the upcoming Presidential election with friends and/or family, ON SOCIAL MEDIA? In what way?

Do you tell friends and family who you are voting for?  How do you feel when a friend or family member tells you they are voting for a different candidate? What have you said or done?

Where are you getting your information about the election? What sources do you trust the most?

Please note: We ask that you please be respectful of other opinions/comments. Any inappropriate language will be deleted.

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Update: Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion! Congratulations to our winners: 12Heather34, tcarolinep, Bulldog0325, What 74.

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  • JenY13 By JenY13

    Mostly we have talked in person how bad both candidates are this year. It's best to keep quiet about who I'm actually voting for, but I have never been so discouraged in the options available.

  • Denigan17 By Denigan17

    I trust independent articles online the most. I can quickly read about them. Watching news is usually a waste of time and really infuriating to me.

  • carolay By carolay

    Mostly talk in person with everyone but will not reveal my choice hope I am right.

  • kfraccio By kfraccio

    I don't like talking with just anyone about the election, because people seem to be so passionate one way or the other. Everyone seems to be talking about Donald Trump, but I would NEVER vote for him. Anyone who has done a reality show is not appropriate to be President of the United States. I do discuss some things on Twitter about it...Just to let people know some outrageous things. I tell everyone who I am voting for. It is certainly no secret that I am voting for Hillary. It doesn't bother me when someone tells me that they are voting for Donald Trump - I just think that they are making a mistake. I get most of my information online at several different news sites.

  • tara19652006 By tara19652006

    I get my info from my husband and teenager who do the research

  • plong22 By plong22

    This is a touchy subject in my household and extended family. We've had a few discussions get quite heated and have to stop bringing up politics now.

  • ms_la_tn_grl By ms_la_tn_grl

    I do talk to friends and family about the election and sometimes have to change the subject because of how different our views are. This is almost always in person. I rarely engage in talk of the election of social media. Too many ways to misconstrue words.

  • granice By granice

    Mostly talk in person, some online with those not nearby. If someones tells me they are voting different from me I ask why to see what they will say, it could be informative. Get info from new, social media, tv, radio, newpapers many sources so I can see various sides and issues.

  • Gannyofmany By Gannyofmany

    I answered all the questions and tweeted

  • Jenny391 By Jenny391

    Talking about how this country really needs major changes fast. Obamacare needs to go away because it is costing the jobs of healthcare workers. I already lost my job and we fear my husband is next. People cannot afford to actually use their health insurance because paying for it is putting them in debt. Can only hope Trump wins this election and can make the promised changes to immigration, racism, infrastructure, healthcare, etc.

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