The Politics Of A Lie

   By drodriguez  Feb 01, 2010

Just when you think the story of former presidential contender John Edwards' affair with Rielle Hunter couldn't get any more shocking, we hear more details coming from his former aide, Andrew Young.  As Young grants interviews to promote his new tell-all book, The Politician, about the scandals surrounding Edwards' campaign, the story begins to unfold.  It is only recently that Edwards made public the information that Hunter's daughter is in fact his child, which Young claims was a direct response to his book coming out.

Through recent interviews with the press Young attempts to explain what made him take the heat for Edwards during the campaign and tell the public that he, rather than Edwards, was the father of Hunter's baby.  Claiming an unwavering loyalty to his boss and a feeling that he was doing what was right for the future of the country, Young not only lied about the paternity issue but also agreed to allow Hunter to live in his home with his wife and children while she hid from the media.

A recent article from the Washington Post quotes a passage from Young's new book as he explains what caused him to lose respect for his former boss.  Young writes, "A precious living, breathing human being - his daughter - had come into the world, and he wasn't even inclined to call the woman who had given birth to her. ...My faith in him died almost instantly."

Some other claims Young makes is that after Hunter's baby was born Edwards asked him to secretly steal one of the diapers, which he refused to do, and send it to him so that he could use it in a paternity test.  Young and his wife also say that they found a broken video tape in the trash at the home they once shared with Hunter.  After mending the tape, they viewed the contents and realized it depicted Edwards and Hunter engaged in a sex act.  Hunter is now filing papers with the court asking that the tape be returned to her. 

Edwards' attorneys have made the following statement in response to Young's book: "It appears that Andrew Young is primarily motivated by financial gain and media attention."  Even Edwards', newly estranged wife, Elizabeth Edwards claims Young's book is not entirely based on truth.  She says, "it is clear it contains many falsehoods and exaggerations."  Young defends accusations that he is exploiting the affair by telling the public that he has been unable to find employment because of the scandal he became involved in with Edwards.

What do you think of the scandal surrounding John Edwards?

Do you think Andrew Young's actions are honorable or is he just out for the money and media attention?

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jeanettest by jeanettest | Norwood, OH
Feb 14, 2010

If this was an every day person, I don't think this much attention would be paid to the personal life. But the fact that this man almost became VP and possibliy could have gone on to be President one day, I think it is important to know what they do in their personal life. It is a direct reflection of his character and how possibly things could have unfolded as leader of our country. This is definitely way worse then what Bill Clinton did with Monica and would be worth impeachment.

PictureGirl by PictureGirl | FREDERICKSBRG, VA
Feb 07, 2010

I think this is a non-issue if it is someone who is NOT trying to be president... not putting himself in the public eye... not using my money to cover up his kid... not making his wife WITH CANCER suffer through in front of america... what a sleeze. I hope he goes to jail. I am tired of people letting men get away with disgusting behavior and saying it is not our business. He is the one who acted like he was a good guy in front of the camera.

CharBaby by CharBaby | Minneapolis, MN
Feb 06, 2010

We should all probably pay more attention to what is going on in our own lives and not so much what other couples are doing. These people are just as human as the rest of us; would you want every aspect of your personal business picked apart like this?

mardel by mardel | SCHAUMBURG, IL
Feb 05, 2010

Thanks for your comment, cybrown551!! I totally agree with everything you said!! His childish disgusting ways are excusable!!

cybrown551 by cybrown551 | HOOKSETT, NH
Feb 04, 2010

First of all I think with John Edwards did to his wife was really disgusting. I think that he should have had enough decency to resolve any conflicts he had with his wife before he build a relationship with another woman. And to sneak around covering up lies and trying to get others to lie for him was very juvenile.

Ambiguoussage by Ambiguoussage | Brooklyn, NY
Feb 04, 2010

Guess I'm old school. I do not want to know these people business, but part of me feels that our leaders, our reps, should make examples of themselves and should atleast have the sense to keep their private lives private. If they cannot handle their personal affairs in a better manner I am supposed to believe they can handle an entire country in economic turmoil. Get your crap together, sheesh.

mardel by mardel | SCHAUMBURG, IL
Feb 03, 2010

Our country has a problem!! Instead of real breaking story's with some kind of meaning we all are subjected to having to listen to this kind of crap!! I agree with idahospud I really don't care how big of a cheater our people in politics are against their spouses but what are they doing to help our country get out of this recession and better our country!!

idahospud by idahospud | haines, AK
Feb 02, 2010

This story belongs right along side the news stand junk of celebrities that has celulite.I dont give a rats a__ of who is sleeping with who & who has junk in thier trunk.There are more important things to worry about.

msfriendly by msfriendly | MONROE, WI
Feb 02, 2010

Who in this country has morals anymore!

wellrusted51 by wellrusted51 | ottawa, OH
Feb 01, 2010

Thank God he wasn't elected. He has no moral compass or self control.

Trinket by Trinket | PRYOR, OK
Feb 01, 2010

Just like the Tiger Woods issue. Not. Our. Business.

CrystalBurgard by CrystalBurgard | N TONAWANDA, NY
Feb 01, 2010

Do people really not have a life so badly they need to follow stories like this closely and know every little intimate detail ?? Really? And then pay money for a book to know even more? Why does anyone care?? This isnt anything new - the men cant keep their pants zipped and it turns into a huge scandal...same crap, different day.. Both the men in this story suck!!