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  • mommabee By  mommabee    

    I am a movie fanatic, and this one was really well written and acted. Very emotional movie. Loved it.

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  • artist2009 By  artist2009    

    When children have no choice but to "grow up" on their own at a very young age. Intense, powerful and downright heartbreaking.

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  • lmayberry By  lmayberry    

    This is a heartbreaking story about a day-in-the-life of a fourteen year old girl and her struggles to take care of herself and her sisters in an extremely toxic and abusive home environment. The film was written and directed by Lori Petty (the actress who played Kit in A League of Their Own) and is autobiographical about her childhood growing up in Iowa. The film is superbly cast and acted, with Jennifer Lawrence playing the lead character, Agnes, and Selma Blair playing her drug abusing and prostituting mother. This movie, while amazing, has some scenes in it that are hard to watch, specifically a rape scene between Jennifer Lawrence's character and her mother's pimp. So be warned, this movie is not for the faint of heart.

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