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  • altamontefamily By  altamontefamily    

    Love the recipes but most especially the style of writing on this blog! It's very entertaining! Ree Drummond is hilarious and goes all out whenever she shares her recipes. I think I go on her website more for the "experience" than the recipe (don't get me wrong, the recipes are awesome and hearty)!

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  • Wordstoliveby By  Wordstoliveby    

    Ree Drummond (aka Pioneer Woman) is the bff in my head. I met her in person at a book signing. She is truly a genuine person and she can cook too!!!

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  • zgmg54321 By  zgmg54321    

    I wish I could be her!!!!

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  • christykdnt By  christykdnt    

    Love love love her!

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  • lframe29 By  lframe29    

    I've been reading The Pioneer Woman for a long time. It used to be for her stories, but I go now as much for her photography as I do the stories and recipes. The Marlboro Man sandwich is a favorite for my boys.

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  • Rhiannon0207 By  Rhiannon0207    

    This blog is a family favorite. I discovered her after my husband posted one of her recipes to my facebook timeline in the hopes I would cook it for him. Excellent, easy to follow recipes, and her gardening advice has been put to excellent use. I still haven't finished exploring this blog, there is an incredible amount of excellent advice, tips, and recipes.

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  • meggyreap By  meggyreap    

    I've watched the show before and printed a few recipes of the site. They offer some great recipes but some are a little out there for my picky taste buds.

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  • Teen2toddler0824 By  Teen2toddler0824    

    Love this site....I am always looking for new way to save money as well as great on-the-go meals made ahead of time and this site has it.

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  • MrsLamberson By  MrsLamberson    

    Love this site and her recipes. She is a genius in the kitchen.

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  • bubbymama09 By  bubbymama09    

    I just recently came across The Pioneer Woman & i love every bit of it! Rhea Drummond is a hilarious genius in the kitchen who utilizes items the ordinary person has on hand in their kitchen. I now only make my Chili from her Frito Chili Pie recipe, my whole family loves it! I highly recommend The Pioneer Woman!

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  • BlondieKAA By  BlondieKAA    

    Her recipes are awesome and she's an entertaining character! I can count of her recipes being delicious!

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  • divasundae By  divasundae    

    Love her show haven't been to her blog but she has won me over! Real down home cooking. Blew me away when she made the homemade pancake on a stick!

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  • yamagirl By  yamagirl    

    I have heard so much about her. I still have not visited her website but i do follow her on pinetrest.

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  • Viidea By  Viidea    

    Following her long before she was famous, Marlboro Mans Favorite Sandwich is a hit around this house!

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  • NJhousewife22 By  NJhousewife22    

    Love all the sections of her site, but mostly the food portion. We've tried several of her recipes and most are part of our regular rotation. Step-by-step pictures of the recipes are great and I love that every dish has a story.

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