The Peanut Patch Shows Promise For Kids With Allergies

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Oct 31, 2016

Parents of kids with a peanut allergy know what it is to worry every time their child leaves home. The idea that they may be exposed to peanuts is a very real and dangerous threat to those who have a severe allergy. Fortunately, there is some good news for young children with peanut allergies in the form of a wearable “peanut patch”.

Gizmodo reports about the Viaskin Peanut Patch that is showing promise in current trials with children 11 years and younger. The way the patch works is it administers very small amounts of peanut protein into the wearer. The idea is that it will train the child’s immune system into being able to handle small amounts of peanuts.

The latest trial showed that over a year’s time, nearly 50% of the participants wearing a patch were better able to handle more peanut products than those who had a placebo patch. The best results were reported in the 11 and under age group. If all goes well and a larger study shows similar results, the peanut patch may be on the market soon.

Doctors used to warn parents not to feed babies peanut butter before the age of 1. But new research has shown that this advice may have been contributing to the rise in allergies and peanut butter exposure at an earlier age can actually help to limit the amount of kids who have peanut allergies.

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