The New Smart Diaper Already on Many Parent's Fall Wishlist

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Aug 01, 2019


With all of the smart gadgets currently on the market, it was only a matter of time until the technology came to baby diapers. Pampers recently announced that they will be introducing a smart diaper this fall and parents are already on a waitlist to receive the new baby tech.

CNN reports about the new smart diaper and the capabilities it will provide for new parents. The new smart diaper is called Lumi by Pampers and will be able to track when a baby urinates and sleeps. An activity sensor on the front “landing” of the diaper will work with an app to track when baby pees and develop patterns of behavior parents may be unware of.

On the advice of pediatricians, many new parents use spreadsheets to log the amount of times baby dirties a diaper during the first few months. The new smart diaper aims to take some work off parents’ shoulders by keeping track of some of this information.

The app takes the guess work out of diaper changes by alerting a parent’s smartphone with one of three messages,either “dry”, “wet”, or “very wet”. Experts say the new smart diaper can be a good way for parents to keep track of baby’s health and any deiviations from normal that may occur over time. Senior director at the Child Mind Institute, David Anderson, explains how a product like this can benefit parents. Anderson says, “Undoubtedly, for those parents who are concerned about their newborn’s bathroom functions - to inform something like constipation or if a kid is hydrated enough when they’re sick - this data can be very useful over brief periods of time. Not to mention that it may even be usefult for potty-training parents.”

The downside, of course, is the idea of too much information leading to unneeded fear and anxiety. Since some fluctuations in urine output or sleep patterns can be a very normal occurence, parents may be alarmed at the data for no good reason. Anderson adds, “There may be behaviour that is completely within an acceptable range, but an anxious parent is likely to find any deviations from reliable norms a cause for concern. So while data is geverally good, we’re likely to see an increase in calls to pediatricians.”

What do you think of the new smart diapers?

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ShuggsMama125 by ShuggsMama125 | CANANDAIGUA, NY
Aug 07, 2019

I personally wouldn't use it. Changing a diaper and counting diapers for my newborn was not a challenge to me and I don't want to knock anyone's choices but it seems lazy to me.