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  • Chevygal1981 By  Chevygal1981    

    Were they trying to mess it up

    I loved the first 2 better then this one but I like the idea about their son doing his own thing and finding love and mystery solver

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  • Faryobae By  Faryobae    

    So terrible. Such a fan of the first 2. Might as well have written Rachel Weiss out of the movie instead of replacing her. The yetis were terrible.. how do they know the sign for touchdown anyway??

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  • kimbo755 By  kimbo755    

    Not a fan. Loved the first two Mummy movies however didn't like the actress that played Evie wanted the original...

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  • MadHatter By  MadHatter    

    I really liked the fact that it was action packed, however I didn't quite enjoy it as much as I thought I would. It was pretty unrealistic and the storyline was pretty dead. They can only go so far with the "Mummy" Hopefully this will be the end of the sequels...

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  • leslielou820 By  leslielou820    

    this is one Mummy that really shouldve stayed dead. this was a terrible movie. i can't believe that anyone liked it. i can only listen to brendan fraser's awkward and unfunny catch phrases so many time, before i just want to gouge out my eyes. and the fact that with every movie,their child gets 10 years older, but fraser stays the same age?! come one, people! couldnt they at least have come up with a less cheesy excuse for them to go on another adventure than they are in "retirement"? seriosly, seriously terrible. the only bright spot in this film was michelle yeoh. she made it watchable, and kept me from turning it off and asking for my money back. watch the first two, but skip this one.

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