The "Kate Effect": Why We Covet Kate's Style and Now Prince George Too

   By SheSpeaksTeam  Apr 25, 2014

Whether or not you follow the royal family’s every move, there’s a good chance you’re pretty familiar with the fashions of Duchess Kate. The “Kate Effect” has become known as the phenomenon that follows the royal couple and baby wherever they go. Whatever outfit Kate wears publically has a way of selling out within minutes and now baby Prince George is having the same effect as people rush out to dress their babies in a royal manner.

CNN reports about how the Duchess’ fashion choices quickly make their way into our closets and now Prince George is spreading his baby style to a sandbox near you.

Part of the reason we are able to covet Kate’s style is because she often wears outfits that are more affordable than what you might see on a Kardashian sister. A Diane Von Furstenbirg wrap dress she wore last week that retails for a little over $300 had fans foaming at the mouth to get their hands on the threads, selling out in just eight minutes after photos of her in the dress popped up online.

Kate and little Prince George are also known for wearing the same outfit numerous times which gives the style more media coverage. Chief fashion scout for the Twitter page WhatKateWore that tracks Kate's every outfit choice, Susan Kelley, explains why Kate and baby George are so appealing as fashion idols. Kelley says, “Having one's child wearing the identical sweater a real-life Prince is wearing? That has a lot of cachet. Especially when it's something you can find at your local Baby Gap store.”

What do you think of the “Kate Effect” on fashion?

Do you look to celebs or royalty to see what styles are trending?


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Kay3131 by Kay3131 | New York, NY
Apr 25, 2014

Every single outfit during this current Australian trip has been breathtaking! The ivory dress with the laser-cut sleeves, the wide-belt coat, the pale-grey ensemble, the red peplum suit... it is impossible to turn away from such exquisiteness - she is just gorgeous! Although the CFDA has only bestowed 4 "Icon Awards" in its history - they should give hers out early, because as the antithesis of the Carey-Aguilera-Minaj-Kardashian-type looks that I can't escape from seeing at the supermarket checkout lane each week - she could be the last gasp of elegance before our planet's uniform becomes sneaks, jeans, implants and a T-shirt. Her look is approachable and impeccable.