The Invention of Lying Movie

The Invention of Lying Movie

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Not bad I liked this movie. It wasn't supposed to be taken seriously and, if you know anything about Ricky Gervias then you know that there's going to be mockery of organized religion. They could've done more with the plot, but all-in-all it was a different concept (a rarity anymore).

Terrible, terrible, terrible movie. We shut it off. Avoid this one!

This movie had a very cute concept but I think they could have done more with it. May not be something I would watch more than once however

I'm a huge fan of Ricky Gervais' work with The Office and Extras, but this movie was just horrible. It had it's funny moments but it was so offensive to Christians that we turned it off before it was over.

I liked the plot. I thought it had some funny moments, but overall wasn't that funny. I might watch it again if it were on t.v., but I wouldn't buy it.

A few minutes into the movie we had to turn it off due to how horrible it was. I love Ricky Gervais, but was VERY disappointed with this movie. I wouldn not recommend this to anyone.

i really liked this movie, i didn't think i would be all that, but it was actually quite cute and alittle heart warming, really hit me where i live

I didn't love some of the crudeness. Ricky Gervais is AWESOME, and redemptive for a movie I didn't much care for.

I typically ejoy Richard Gervias, possibly it is just due to his adorable accent. The movie starts out entertaining, but there is very little to the actual plot. It goes nowhere, nothing happens, and then mercifully it ends.

I love Ricky Gervais but I thought the movie was ok. It had a few funny moments but overall I wouldn't watch it again.

I saw this on TV (cable company offering it on pay per view). Both my husband and I liked it.

Excellent performance by Ricky Gervais. He is the chubby, snub-nosed Cary Grant of the millinium. Such a straight laced charater. And Jennifer Garners full-on frankness, yet innocence leaves audiances feeling light-hearted. The story of a town that has never discovered lying and one man finding a way around the system is smart, edgy, and down-right makes you think, wonder and imagine. definatly a MUST see. Not for younger audiances due to language and adult themes.