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Always has what I need Home Depot always has what I need and the workers are always very helpful

Home Depot I love shopping in Home Depot, I just bought an upright freezer, it was a good catch , best price and amazing product after I checked all the other store , and the customer service was nice and the delivery was on time , great service as usual.

The One Stop Shop The Home Depot has an amazing stand-out group of team leaders that are always easy to find and they always seem to know what you are looking for and where its location is. The different sections are numbered and have letters to make things easy to find. This is 100 percent my go to place for all of my indoor and outdoor supplies.

Only 1 main issue with them I've grown up going to Home Depot from a child doing the kids program building things and to now shopping with the hubby for things for our house. They usually have good prices and a good selection, the return policy is great and usually have very friendly knowledgeable workers. The only issue I ever had with them is how when we're at self checkout and a worker comes up and starts scanning our things and just throwing it all around the cart! We do self checkout because we have certain ways of how we like our things separated and bagged and to avoid the unnecessary attitudes. Other than that they are alright.

Home Depot girl at heart! I will always be a Home Depot girl! The price point, the availability, the help received. And everything in between. If they don?t have it, they will get it!

Enormous selection The Home Depot is one of the big big-box stores, and they have nearly everything one needs around the house or project site. One thing that the husband really appreciates is that they email his receipts and can track spending by jobsite/project. I like that when I search for a product online, I can check stock at local stores and see the exact location where it is stocked.

Solid shopping I love this store. 9 times out of 10, they have exactly what I need and if they don't, they will happily tell me where find it. Plants are awesome, especially when they have clearance. Never disappointed in my experience with staff or the store.

When it's all you've got to go to Depending what you go for - the customer service is as good as Wal-Mart -

Need knowledgeable associates I would really like to see people with specialized knowledge in each department. It seems like we have high school kids or people unfamiliar with the type of merchandise they are trying to sell. I do appreciate the military discount given as it helps us out a lot. But we tend to shop elsewhere especially if we have questions and expect knowledgeable answers.

Been to Home depot several times. When you can find a worker they are very great at finding what you will need. They even have explained how to do something that I didn't know of. The prices are a little higher but their products are good.

Home Depot's prices are higher than Lowes but you get better customer service. Unfortunately they don't sell Whirlpool appliances (I'm brand loyal in that regards)

Pretty good store for all your home needs. The one that I go to has very good employees who are very helpful

Always easy to find associates willing to help! Have never needed something from Home Depot and they didn't have it! Did try to get some boards cut the other day and learned they cant do anything except 90 degree cuts. Only downside Ive found!

Home Depot is within a walking distance from us....great place...

I've never had a problem shopping at Home Depot. I don't know my way around a wrench, but find Home Depot easy to navigate. I find that as a woman, I also seem to get help a lot quicker then most men in the store. Customer service is helpful with directing me to proper departments.