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  • melric By  melric    

    If your kid(s) are constantly building forts out of your bedsheets, couch cushions, old blankets, etc. this product is FOR YOU! My son received two of them for Christmas, and they are truly amazing. They were invented by a mom, and the design makes them super versatile, adapting to any style fort and whatever anchor points are available. The ripstop nylon can simply be hosed off (great for forts built in our woods) and they are very lightweight making them super 'instant-shade' solutions for picnics etc. My son will play for hours in forts he's designed, changing them repeatedly. The mesh windows with roll-up covers are great for privacy/spying. There are velcro tabs all over, plus extra 'extendable' tabs with every Fortamajig for easy designing. Creative fort-makers will be in heaven!

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